Best Places to Visit in Rhodes Island – Complete Guide

The island of Rhodes is a paradise for travelers, offering stunning views, delicious food and plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. From its beautiful beaches to its historic monuments and archaeological sites, Rhodes has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled getaway, this is one of the the most ideal island destinations. In this article, we will quote all the best places to visit in Rhodes Island and other things to do that are guaranteed to satisfy your eyes and fill your heart with delight.

Historical Sites

If you are into history or you simply want to learn about the island’s past, here are some of the top historical sites that are among the must visit places in Rhodes Island.

• Medieval Town

street of the knights in Rhodes old town
street of the knights in Rhodes old town

The moment you step inside the Medieval Town of Rhodes, it will feel as if you traveled back to the medieval times. The majestic stone walls, beautiful fountains, a grandiose medieval castle, elegant mansions, and the cobbled alleyways all create an illusion of stepping back to the celebrated era of the knights.

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is among the world’s few remaining cities from the medieval times that remain alive and inhabited to this day. The town unfolds as a maze so brace yourself for getting lost in its numerous narrow streets.

• Acropolis of Rhodes

theatre at the acropolis of Rhodes
ancient theatre at the acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes used to overlook the city’s western part. But, unlike other ancient acropolis, it was not fortified. It was made up of public buildings, large temple premises, and sanctuaries.

All of the buildings were also strategically constructed on the precipitous terraces sufficiently supported by the indestructible walls. The Acropolis of Rhodes is among the best specimens of Hellenic architectural style that had a harmonious blending with the nearby environment.

• Filerimos Hill

panoramic view of filerimos hill, one of the best places to visit in Rhodes island
panoramic view of filerimos hill

Filerimos Hill located outside Rhodes Town on the island’s west coast is one of the most important archaeological sites in the area. This used to be the location of the Acropolis of the Ancient Ialyssos that has an important temple made in honor of Athena Polias.

The name of the hill came from the monk from Jerusalem during the 13th century who brought with him the icon of Blessed Virgin that Apostle Luke painted himself. He built a small church that later turned into a basilica. Filerimos Monastery was razed down to the ground during the island’s Turkish occupation. The monastery was built again during their occupation of Rhodes Island and kept this open with the monks from Capuchin Order. However, the monks went back to Italy during the Second World War and from then on, the monastery remained closed.

• Kallithea Springs

kallithea springs, one of the best places to visit in Rhodes island
kallithea springs

The Kallithea Springs are acclaimed for their curative properties ever since the ancient times. Found at around 9 kilometers from Rhodes town at Kallithea bay, these wonderful hot springs are the best spot to relax, cherish, and enjoy the beautiful and one of a kind combination of history, architecture, and nature.

As one of the must see places in Rhodes Island, spending one day on the hot springs is something you should never miss. A day at Kallithea Springs is the ultimate treat for your body, mind, and soul, a memorable experience in and of itself.

• Kritinia Castle

castle of kritinia aerial photo
castle of kritinia

Kritinia Castle is a Venetian Castle sitting 131 meters on top of Kritinia Village. This used to serve as a watchtower and a fortification. The castle offers 360-degree views of the surrounding terrain and the Aegean. This was constructed way back in 15th century during a time when the island was anticipating the Ottomans’ attack.

• Asklipio Castle

asklipio castle
asklipio castle

The remnants of the medieval Asklipio Castle stand close to the eastern coast of Rhodes Island. The castle is situated in Rhodes’ inland, on the hill right on top of Asklipio Village around 64km to the southwest of the capital city.

According to the surviving information, the castle was constructed in 1479 in the strategic location of a hill that stands 250 meters high and overlooks the nearby area. During the Byzantine era, the time of Johannite Knights, Asklipio Castle served as the refuge for the inhabitants of surrounding villages from the attacks of the enemy.

• Monolithos Castle

sunset at monolithos castle
sunset at monolithos castle

Among the best places to visit in Rhodes Island is none other than the Monolithos Castle, a Venetian castle constructed on top of a giant rock of 300 feet that stands on top of the quaint Monolithos Village.

Many of the castle’s walls are now in ruins and you will only be able to see the remnants of the white chapel made in honor of Saint Panteleimon together with another tiny chapel. To reach the castle, you need to climb the narrow pathway that is followed by the steps. Once you reach the castle, you will get a stunning view of the two islets and the beach of Fourni.

There is no entrance fee to visit Monolithos castle, and you can access the site at any time, a thing that makes it one of the most budget-friendly attractions.

• Feraclos Castle

pheraclos castle

Feraclos Castle stands guard above Haraki Village. The castle might be in ruins yet its extensive size is truly a sight to behold. Getting into the walls of the castle might be a rough scramble but it is surely worth the effort if you want to admire and take in the site that is almost the size of a tiny Greek village. You can find an information board in Haraki Village that offers complete details of the archaeology and history of the place.

• Ancient Kameiros

ancient kameiros aerial view
ancient kameiros aerial view

The site of ancient Kamerios can be found on the island’s northwest coast, around 50 kilometers from Rhodes. During the ancient times, Kameiros was among the towns with the most power and together with Ialyssos and Lindos, they formed the influential city-state of Rhodes during 5th century BC. To this day, the town only has a few remnants.

The Dorians founded Kameiros during the prehistoric period and the Achaeans inhabited the place later on. The items that were discovered dated as far back as 8th century BC. Two earthquakes in 226 BC and 142 BC destroyed the town, with the second one leaving it finally abandoned.


The beaches of Rhodes Island are truly one of a kind that not visiting even one of them would be a decision you will surely regret.

• Elli Beach

elli beach
elli beach

Just because you are staying at Rhodes Town doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have easy and fast access to the beach. This is because Elli Beach is only a mere stroll away.

Even if it can get a bit crowded during the months of summer, Elli Beach remains to be one of the island’s most stunning beaches and is an ideal option for relaxation with the whole family after spending a whole day of seeing the sights and must see places in Rhodes Island. It is a well-organized sandy beach with showers, umbrellas, sunbeds, restaurants, and showers.

• Faliraki Beach

faliraki beach, things to do in faliraki
faliraki beach

For the longest time, Faliraki has remained as among Rhodes Island’s most developed tourist spots, mainly thanks to its spacious beach. This is a wonderful and sandy beach that spans for over 4 kilometers. The big Faliraki Beach begins on the left from where the Kallithea beaches end and continues to where the area’s large hotel units can be found before reaching the settlement.

There are also beaches in small coves to the right of Faliraki, including small dolly beaches like the renowned Anthony Quinn beach. However, Faliraki Beach never loses its popularity mainly because it is wonderful.

• Anthony Quinn

anthony quinn beach in rhodes island
anthony quinn bay

Anthony Quinn Beach took its name from the famous American-Mexican actor Anthony Quinn ever since he purchased this specific part of Rhodes Island.

After he witnessed the beauty of the beach during his filming of the movie Guns of Navarone on the island, the actor decided to purchase the beach. Anthony Quinn Beach is rather small in size so it often gets crowded in the months of July and August.

Aside from the beach itself, the underwater scene is remarkable as well, making it among the must see places in Rhodes Island that is a perfect spot for any beach holiday.

• Traounou Beach

Traounou Beach, or also often called Traganou Beach, is a picturesque stretch of sand and pebbles between Afandou and Faliraki. This is usually a favorite stop during boat trips to Anthony Quinn Bay and Kallithea Bay, particularly because of its cave that is just waiting to be explored.

There is only a small area on the beach that is organized with changing cabins, parasols, showers, and sun loungers. There is also a quaint fish tavern when you feel hungry after spending a whole day out in the sun. The beach is accessible by car in just 15 minutes or so from Leonardo Kolymbia Resort.

• Tsampika Beach

view or tsampika beach from tsampika monastery

About half an hour drive from the town of Rhodes, you will find the well-organized and iconic sandy beach that boasts of shallow waters and nestled in a wind-protected gulf. There are numerous facilities available at the beach, including sunbeds, water sports, and restaurants.

However, one very important thing you need to remember, especially when travelling with toddlers or babies, is that this part of Rhodes Island tends to get really hot, specifically during the months of July and August. You can reach the beach from Rhodes Town by public bus or boat if you don’t have plans to rent or drive a car.

• Agathi Beach

Another stunning beach that is among the must see places in Rhodes Island is only a 20-minute drive from the village of Lindos and about a 40-minute drive from the town of Rhodes.

The turquoise crystal clear waters and shimmering golden sand of Agathi Beach create a very charming environment. The remarkable shallow waters also make the beach safe even for younger swimmers. Aside from the sunbeds and umbrellas, you can also find several canteens scattered around the beach that offer chilling refreshments, snacks, and light meals.


If spending time outdoors has become too tiring for you, don’t miss the chance to step inside the popular museums of Rhodes Island.

• Bee Museum

bee museum in rhodes island
bee museum

Visit Bee Museum where you can see the amazing world of bees in transparent observation hives. You will also get to learn about the history and tradition of beekeeping in the island of Rhodes as well as how honey gets obtained from the bees to the table.

You will also learn more about bees and all of their valuable products, including honey, wax, royal jelly, pollen, and propolis.

You can also interact with the educational games and digital exhibition infokiosks. You can also take a stroll in the bee garden and discover more about the Rhodian flowers and herbs that bees love visiting.

• Grand Magister Palace

sightseeing tours in rhodes island

The Grand Magister Palace or also called Kastello is one of the top places to visit in Rhodes Island and is the only perfect example of Gothic architecture found in the country.

During 7th century, the palace served as a Byzantine citadel and is currently preserved as a UNESCO World Hertage Site.

Today, a visit to the palace is among the best activities you can try in the island as this stands proudly as a museum that exhibits the brilliant architecture that are several centuries old and tells the remarkable story of the monument. One of the notable features of the palace is the architecture of the Arcaded Courtyard and the Main Hall.

Places of Natural Beauty

Rhodes Island abounds with a selection of places of natural beauty, all of which are ideal spots worthy to be explored and discovered during your stay.

• Seven Springs

waterfalls of seven springs
waterfalls of seven springs

Seven Springs is among the most idyllic destinations of Rhodes Island and is a true natural oasis. The area offers a cool and refreshing landscape even in the midst of summer months’ heat waves.

Its name was inspired by the seven springs that gush from a nearby mountain that forms a river. Water is flowing out the springs the whole year to form a waterfall and a small lake. The lake is perfect for swimming and the cold waters remain that way even during the hottest days of summer. Another place you should definitely visit if you are on the island.

• Butterfly Valley

entrance of butterfly valley
butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley or Petaloudes is no doubt one of the island’s most enchanting places. Young and old alike love taking a relaxing walk along the verdant and peaceful valley as they admire the majestic waterfall and the small river.

Butterflies will surround you during your walk as the winged creatures camouflage themselves against the trunks of the tree. There are also wooden benches where you can rest after your stroll and are also perfect spots for admiring the one-of-a-kind beauties of this unique natural paradise.

And if you stay still and silent enough, you might even be lucky to have a butterfly land on your arm!

• Rodini Park

aquaduct in rodini park
rodini park

Rodini Park carries the unique distinction as the first ever landscaped park of the world. The park was really famous among the Romans that they even constructed an aqueduct in the area.

This is also a spot where the Knights of Rhodes used to grow their own medicinal herbs. Within the premises of the park, you will find its official residents, none other than the peacocks.

There is also a well-defined walkway extending to the stream. Going for a 10-minute stroll will lead you to the tomb that was carved on a rock. This tomb is believed to be the tomb of Ptolemies that dates as far back as the Hellenist period and is decorated with 21 Doric half-pillars.

• Profitis Elias Mountain

profitis ilias mountain
profitis ilias mountain

The third highest mountain of the island, Profitis Elias Mountain is one of the must visit places in Rhodes Island that also has one of the most interesting flora in the area. You can hike through the forests, visit the natural spring, enjoy a traditional local picnic, and visit the historical Fountoukli Church that has remained preserved since the time of the Middle Ages.

Once you are done with exploring the area, you can head over to the beautiful Elafos Elafina Hotels where you can take a rest and enjoy a sip of Greek coffee.

• Prasonisi

prasonisi beach

The sandbar attaches the tidal island of Prasonisi to the mainland. The place is renowned for being the spot where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet, making it one of the must visit places in Rhodes Island. This is also acclaimed as one of the world’s best beaches for surfing.

You can cover the entire Prasonisi Island by walking for only 30 minutes that will lead you to the now abandoned Prasonisi Lighthouse. From there, you can enjoy the scenic view of the sharp rocks, the deep sea, and Karpathos Island on the horizon.

• Apolakia Lake

The dam and the artificial Apolakia Lake make up a beautiful wetland that never fails to capture the interest of visitors from far and wide. Apolakia Lake has been integrated in Natura 2000 network thanks to its uniqe fauna and flora. The Apolakia dam was constructed in 1989, with its construction originally meant to facilitate the irrigation in the island’s southern tip.

Traditional Villages

As they always say, the best way of experiencing any place is to get a taste of its way of life. The traditional villages are definitely the best places to visit in Rhodes island if you want to be given a glimpse of how life is in this unique paradise. 

• Embonas Village

wine tasting at ebonas village during private island tour

If you are a certified wine connoisseur, visiting Embonas Village deserves to be part of your bucket list. The village of Embonas is nestled on the island’s west coast right below Attaviros, the island’s highest mountain, and is abundant with verdant olive groves, pine forests and vineyards. This small and quaint village is not just popular for the wines they produce that provide some of the Aegean islands best winetasting experiences, but also the selection of restaurants with delicious offerings.

• Stegna

Stegna is the ancient fishing village that has seen a remarkable transformation through the years into a welcoming tourist destination even if the great mass tourism didn’t change the area. At the same time, it has also managed to keep intact that unique ambiance of a small seaside resort that is typical of the islands in Greece. The selection of fish restaurants in the area is also an attraction for many visitors.

• Aghia Eleousa Village

sanatorium building at aghia eleousa village
sanatorium building

Aghia Eleousa Village was named by the Italians as Campochiaro although Aghia Eleousa was the one that prevailed. The village is found at an altitude of 270 meters. It was also constructed based on the standards of forest villages in Italian Alps. Similar to most villages in Italy, Aghia Eleousa had incredible brightly colored buildings surrounded by streams and pines.

• Lindos Village

lindos village aerial view
lindos village aerial view

Lindos Village is an ancient city popular as a fishing village and archaeological site. It can be found at the foot of the steep rock surrounded impressively by the sea. 

Standing tall on the top of the village is the Acropolis of Lindos adorned with the ancient towers and temples. The village itself looks like it came straight out of a postcard with its window narrow streets, pristine houses, and beautiful atmosphere of well-preserved settlements.

Lindos Beach and St. Paul’s Bay are also two of the must see places in Rhodes Island that add to the breathtaking scenery of the village. There are even more things to do in Lindos that makes the area a must and one of the best places to visit in Rhodes island.

• Sianna Village

st panteleimon church at sianna village
st panteleimon church at sianna village

The village of Sianna is amphitheatrically constructed on the slopes of Mt. Akramitis to the south of Rhodes City and to the northeast of Monolithos Village. From there, the visitors can admire the panoramic view of Rhodes’ coastline and the small neighboring islands.

There are also taverns, cafes, and accommodations on the village. Sianna Village is also popular for its local wine and excellent that are both definitely worth trying.

Religious Places

Religion has always been a part of Greek culture and Rhodes has its own religious sites to behold. Churches and monasteries are some of the best places to visit in Rhodes island too.

• Tharri Monastery

monastery of tharri
monastery of tharri

The beauty of nature surrounds Tharri Monastery, an ideal place for experiencing tranquility and calmness. The monastery is popular among visitors and is famous for its hospitality. Pine forests surround Tharri Monastery, a beautiful complex with the valued Byzantine basilica that is made of pale natural stone, with foundations dating back to 9th century.

• Tsampika Monastery

tsampika monastery
tsampika monastery

Tsampika Monastery is constructed above a hill, offering a gorgeous view of the surrounding area and the sea. The monastery is the perfect example of Dodecanesian architecture, with shells and pebbles covering its yard and floor with hollow roof tiles. The monastery is one of the must visit places in Rhodes Island because of the belief that it protects the island, with most locals named Tsambika for women and Tsambikos for men.

We tried to include all the must visit places in Rhodes island in this article. Do you think we made it? Did we miss any place you visited and think we should include it in this list? Then leave your suggestion in comment section below and we will add it shortly. Also, do not forget to share it on your social media and subscribe to our newletter!

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