The place that became a home to ancient ruins and fortresses that date back to the Medieval times, Rhodes Island in Greece is among the most picturesque islands from the entire Dodecanese complex.

This is where you can frolic on the stunning beaches, explore ancient cities or discover the unique offers of nature. Rhodes Island is also a place where you can find not only luxurious all-inclusive resorts but even quaint villages where the local women bake their bread in the outdoor ovens that burn wood. If you ever find yourself wandering this island in Greece, you will soon be captivated by its mystic beauty that seems to put the new and the old side by side each other.

Below are some of the best things to do in Rhodes Island that can surely make your trip more interesting and unforgettable.

Have a Feel of Colossus of Rhodes in Mandraki Port

mandraki harbor in rhodes town

Mandraki Port is one of Rhodes Island’s most iconic spots. This is among the three main harbors of Rhodes Island. Walk around and visit the Evangelism Church with its remarkable bell tower, the deer statues of ”Elafos” and ”Elafina” in the entrance of the harbor, the 3 picturesque windmills as well as the impressive St Nicholas fortress. This place used to be a guard tower and became one of the island’s most important fortresses.

The location where the dear statues are situated nowadays was believed to be where the Colossus of Rhodes was located when it still existed.

Immerse Yourself in the Old Town of Rhodes

the main square of Rhodes Old town

The Old Town of Rhodes nestled on the north end of the island is divided into three major parts. The Acropolis of the Knights and Palace of the Grand Master can be found on the northern part. Hora, a place filled with homes, restaurants and bar can be found on the southern part while the Old Town’s third part is the Jewish Quarter.

The Knights Street is probably the most captivating and interesting part of Rhodes’ Old Town. This is a well-preserved and at the same time, a nicely restored street where you can go for a calming stroll and experience what medieval life felt like back then.

Sun Bathing in Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs officially opened its doors on the 1st of July 2007 after the renovation of the superb seaside Monument for years. The unique combination of history, architecture, and nature gives its visitors the chance of basking in the one of a kind experience that you can never find anywhere else. The place is a representative and exceptional epitome of architecture that has been seamlessly integrated in the natural environment that also constructed to human scale at the same time.

Don’t miss the chance to sun bathe during your visit in Kallithea Springs as you take in the crystal clear waters, exquisite architecture, the picturesque bay that boasts of a unique natural beauty, and the recreation area in the form of a cafeteria.

Get an Amazing View at Monastery of Filerimos

church at filerimos hill

Filerimos Monastery is situated 10 kilometers away from the town of Rhodes. The Knights of St. John built this monastery during the 15th century. The settlement boasts of a gothic architecture with a huge cross pattee in the façade’s stonework. Filerimos Monastery is nestled up on the hill where you can get an incredible view of the nearby area.

Have fun in the waters of Faliraki

things to do in rhodes island

Faliraki is probably the most known beach resort of Rhodes island. Located on the east coast, about 7 miles from Rhodes town. It is an energetic and lively resort  that caters to every unique taste. There are lots of activities you can choose from, such as bungee jumping and horse riding. Aside from the adventurous activities, some of the loveliest beaches of the island surround Faliraki as well. For instance, a bit to the south of Anthony Quinn Bay, you will find the dazzling Traganou beach.

Faliraki offers a great variety of water sports activities too. Daily or sunset cruises, parasailing, water ski, wakeboard, jet ski, inflatables are available to satisfy the most demanding riders etc. 

Also, dubbed as the Las Vegas of Rhodes, Faliraki boasts one of Europe’s biggest water parks that make it a favorite destination among families and young people, thanks to its wave pools and kamikaze slides.

Go Out at Night in Faliraki

faliraki nightlife

Once you have finished basking under the sun, head straight to the bar street and get some night life. The place is now synonymous with the word fun because of the throng of nightclubs, bars and pubs. Of course, the party doesn’t end here because you can also shop and dine in the place in the evening. Don’t miss the chance to spend at least one night of your holidays there.

Go Scuba Diving in the East Coast

scuba diving activity in rhodes island

As one of the top Greek destinations because of the available one of a kind maritime wealth, Rhodes serves as the home to some of the best spots for scuba diving. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned diver or if this is very first time that you will be trying this watersports because scuba diving in Rhodes, especially in the east coast, is such a joy.

The blue Mediterranean Sea surrounding Rhodes is perfect for scuba diving because it provides excellent clarity of water and underwater visibility, impressive geological formations, rich biodiversity, rare or protected species, easy access, and lush ecosystems.

Go Hiking in Butterfly Valley

people walk along a bridge in butterfly valley rhodes

Rhodes has long been acclaimed for its natural beauty and lush vegetation, a combination that is quite rare for an island in Greece. The canyon at Pelekanos River is where you can find a unique valley that took its name from the Panaxia Quatripunctaria Butterfly.

 There is a one kilometer route that makes up the Butterfly Valley Rhodes that is magnificently organized with the wooden bridges over the falls and pool of water, the paved footpaths, and the tiny benches where you can sit so you can bask in the scenery. Hiking in the valley gets you up close with the Liquidambar trees and the hundreds butterflies fluttering on the tree leaves and trunks.

Cool Yourselves in Seven Springs

private tour in Lindos

Seven Springs or Epta Piges, a Natura 2000 protected zone, can be found near Archangelos village. The area has a unique and natural beauty that the locals love visiting once the hot summer days kick to seek refuge in the shade of the verdant plane trees.

The name of the valley has been derived from the seven natural springs that pour the cascade falls to a river that flows to the lake with a gushing waterfall surrounding it. You can follow one of the many hiking paths in the area where you can admire the peacocks before cool and refreshing yourselves at the waterfall.

Go Paddle Boarding in Stegna Bay

Stand Up Paddle boarding in Stegna

Rhodes with its secluded coves and picture-perfect coastline can be explored best if you are out in the sea waters. Hop on a paddleboard in Stegna Bay shores and before you even know it, you are already smoothly gliding through the water with the help and guidance of the fully qualified instructors in the area. You can also go and explore the secret spots of Stegna and have the best time snorkeling, swimming, and if you are daring enough, going for cliff jumping as well.

Satisfy Your Curiosity in Lindos Acropolis

things to do in lindos village

Lindos is found 50 kilometers from the city of Rhodes at the northeastern side of the island. One of the best things to do in Lindos is to visit the Acropolis.

The Acropolis is standing on the top of a 116 m high cliff, over the landmark settlement of Lindos. This amazing archaeological site is among the most popular ones in Greece and a place that you should never miss visiting during your trip to the island. This was the most critical settlement on the island until the foundation of Rhodes. 

Don’t miss the chance to visit the temple of Athena Lindia (4th century BC, the Propylaia, the great Hellenistic Stoa, the Byzantine Church of Saint John and the headquarters of the Knights’ period. Moreover, there is a Rhodian trireme bas relief (2nd century BC) carved at the foot of the steps.

See Heaven for Yourself on St. Paul’s Beach

st paul s bay

The moment you arrive at St. Paul’s Beach, the first thing you will think is that this probably how heaven looks like. This is the island’s most beautiful beach located close to Lindos. It gets very crowded during summer months so make sure you wake up really early so you can snag a great spot.

The beach is found in a tiny bay with shallow turquoise waters and gorgeous landscape. This is a great place for fun and relaxation and is spending time here is no doubt one of the must things to do in Rhodes.

Visit Castles of Kritinia and Asklipio

The Castles of Kritinia and Asklipio are two of the must-visit places in Rhodes, both of which boast of a rich history that has stood the test of time. Their strategic locations make them hard to miss the moment you set foot on the island. Asklipio Castle situated 4km from the east coast while Kritinia Castle on the west.

They are both entrance-free archeological sites and the ideal way to enjoy a historical visit in a budget-friendly holiday in Rhodes.

Travel Back in Time in Kameiros

the ancient city of Kameiros

Ancient Kameiros is the archaeological area found on the west part of the island just 50 kilometers away from Rhodes City. Just a close distance away from the village of Kalavarda. This ancient settlement is among the most well preserved ones of Greece.

Ancient Kameiros was among the most essential towns of the ancient times and together with Ialyssos and Lindos. They all together formed the powerful city-state called Rhodes.

Wine Tasting in Embona Village

wine tasting in rhodes island

Embona is one of Rhodes’ most important grape-producing villages that produces some of the best greek wines. Once harvest time comes, you will find its streets filled with baskets with the courtyards spread with raisins as they soak up the sun. While Embona village doesn’t have picturesque architectural features, it is among the most popular recommendations for an inland trip that is the perfect combination of a bustling atmosphere, good food, and folklore. The ideal destination for a winetasting tour in Rhodes.

The village remains lively throughout the year with various tavernas that serve people coming to the area from different areas of the island just to get a taste of delicious local meat.

Soak in the Sun in Prasonisi

prasonisi beach

Prasonisi is a one of a kind piece of land from Rhodes Island that attracts large crowds because of its exceptional landscape. This is a long coastal land strip flanked with water on the two sides. Prasonisi beach is the best spot where you can get your fill of the sea and warm sun during a hot summer day. And when the day comes to an end, you just hike the closest hill and watch the stunning sunset from there.

Watch the Sunset from Monolithos Castle

romantic sunset in Monolithos after wine tasting in Ebonas

If you love real life castles, Monolithos Castle is the best place to be. It was originally meant to protect the place from pirates and enemies and despite being in ruins now. The view from up there is nothing short of spectacular, especially when the sun sets on the horizon. Definitely of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes island.

Go Kayaking in Apolakkia Lake

Apolakkia is a very peaceful small village a short distance away from Lindos. This village looks like this was constructed within a ditch, which explains its name, with lakos being a Greek term that means ditch. The moment you arrive here, you will feel as if you stepped right into an old charming postcard. That’s because of the quiet monasteries, old windmills and small traditional tile-roofed houses dotting the area.

But, the true magic of the place comes from the stunning Apolakkia Lake and its majestic dam. Rhodescape Park is found in Apollakia’s artificial lake. The European Union protects the zone and the entire landscape is perfect for those who want to just bask in the gorgeous beauty of nature and the quiet and serene place. Some of the activities you can try here include kayaking, biking, hiking, horse riding, and archery.

Visit Chalki Island

Halki island port

Halki, dubbed as the island of friendship and peace, is mountainous and small with a string of pure pristine beaches surrounding it. With a low population of 400 inhabitants, the island was able to retain its unique characteristics. Ιts location of about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Rhodes by boat, makes it the best place to explore for a full-day excursion and the chance to be acquainted with each other, making it a Greek destination that is completely off the beaten track. Halki island is the ideal place to be as it good so many things to offer for all hikers, lovers of walking, fans of good food, and ultimate peace of mind.

Go on a Day Trip in Symi Island

panoramic view of simi island

Symi Island might not be on Rhodes itself but it is only a quick boat ride from there. It is a place worthy to explore during a day trip. This journey won’t cost you that much but you will surely thank yourself for deciding to visit. Pedi, Marathounda and Chora Beach are spots that are waiting to be discovered. Make sure you also drop by at the old town of Symi itself, as well as Panormitis Monastery, one of the 7 sanctuaries that complete the St Michael’s line. If you want to relax for the night on this small island, Opera House is a stunning and quaint accommodation.

Rhodes Island is no doubt the best place to visit for all kinds of travelers as it caters to various needs. Whatever you are looking for and no matter what kind of experience you want, Rhodes Island will never leave your disappointed!

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