Diving into the planning phase for a visit to Rhodes? Nice choice! Rhodes – the Island of the Knights and the largest Dodecanese island of Greece is where historic, medieval towns and the endless blue sea take centre stage. There is a certain charm about it – the laid-back island vibe fused with a cultural past makes it an intriguing destination. If this breathtaking destination has caught your attention as your next travel vacation, then go through this comprehensive list of FAQs about Rhodes Island, to get all your doubts cleared for your trip. 

Why should I visit Rhodes?

The reasons are many, but the prominent one is that Rhodes is a cultural medley of Greek, Ottoman, and Italian influences. It is packed with historical places, and is home to one of the best-preserved medieval towns – The Old Town. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, so you are welcome to enjoy stunning beaches and natural wonders, along with a Grecian food scene with a touch of Rhodes’ authentic flavour. Also, the place has 300 sunny days in a year with a pleasant Mediterranean ambience. 


Where is Rhodes located?

Rhodes is an island in the Aegean Sea, set far away from the southeast of mainland Greece. Although it is a Greek island, Rhodes has close proximity to Turkey. This island destination is just around 17 kilometres from the coast of Turkey.  


How is the weather in Rhodes?

Rhodes has sun-soaked days throughout the year. The climate is Mediterranean with seasons that has a combination of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Temperatures can touch the 30°C on warmer days and on cooler seasons, it rarely drops below 3°C.


Tell me the best time of the year to visit Rhodes.

Experience the ideal weather for your visit by understanding the best time to visit Rhodes Island. The island is pleasant to visit during late spring which spans from May to early June, or early autumn months of September to October. You get to enjoy sunny days with temperatures that are warm enough for beach hopping and cool enough for exploring ancient ruins without feeling any stifling heat.


What time zone does Rhodes Island have?

Rhodes observes Eastern European Time (EET) which is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). Rhodes considers Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) during daylight saving period.  


Which languages are commonly spoken in Rhodes?

Greek is the official language, but English is spoken by locals in tourist areas, making communication quite easy for international visitors. The local Greek dialect that residents speak has a strong influence of the Turkish language. Some areas also speak Italian and German. 


Do I need a visa to visit Rhodes?

It depends on the passport you are holding. A Greek visa is not needed for a citizen of Schengen nations or European Union nations for short visits. Do some research through Greece visa guide to know more about visa requirements and the process for smooth Rhodes travel.


How many days am I allowed in Rhodes with a travel visa?

A Greek travel visa normally allows its holder to stay for a maximum of ninety days. However, the exact date of your departure from Rhodes may be indicated on the travel visa sticker.


Can a Schengen Visa be used to enter Rhodes?

Yes. Greece is a Schengen nation, and Rhodes is a Greek Island. So, you can travel to Rhodes on a Schengen visa.


Are there international airports in Rhodes?

Yes, Diagoras International Airport functions for international flights into Rhodes. From Rhodes Town, it is about 13 kilometres away. With both domestic and international airlines using it, this is the busiest airport on the island. 


How can I reach Rhodes?

The fastest, most ideal way to reach Rhodes is by plane. There are direct flights available from most international cities. Other flights are usually connecting flights which means you would have to disembark at Athens and then catch a domestic flight from there to Rhodes. There are daily flights from Athens and other European cities. Athens and neighbouring islands also operate ferries to Rhodes. 


Tell me about the local transportation scene in Rhodes?

If you are concerned about how to get around in Rhodes Island, there is no need to worry. Its impressive network of roads and efficient taxi or private transfer services makes travelling quite smooth. However, the public bus service is the best way to explore the township without putting a dent in your holiday budget.


What are the must-visit attractions in Rhodes?

There are plenty of things to do in Rhodes Island, but the key attractions are the Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes’ Old Town, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Valley of the Butterflies,  Prasonisi,  and the scenic West coast beaches.


What makes Old Town a special attraction in Rhodes?

The Medieval City of Rhodes set away from Rhodes City is boasted as one of the best-preserved European medieval townships. Stepping into this area takes you away from modern day to a past era when Rhodes had a heavy Italian and Turkish influences. The town is surrounded by massive walls and inside you will find a maze of narrow alleys, historical structures, bustling squares, and charming shops that will leave you spellbinded. The not-to-miss highlights in Old Town are Palace of the Grand Master, Street of the Knights and the Roloi Clock Tower.


How far is Rhodes Old Town from Rhodes City?

Rhodes City and Rhodes Old Town are two separate places on the island. However, it is quite close to each other. The Old Town is located to the north of Rhodes City and is set near the coastline. It takes merely 8 minutes by road to reach Old Town from Rhodes City.


What is better to explore Rhodes: a taxi, rent a car or travel by bus?

Public buses are your best option to keep your wallet happy. A taxi ride will cost you more money as they are a bit pricey but would offer you comfort, personal space and point-to-point transfers. Rent a car only if you have a good budget to splurge on a self-drive vacation and want the freedom to explore the island’s various attractions at your own pace. This is ideal especially if you plan to venture outside the main town.


Is Rhodes a budget-friendly destination?

If you are comparing it with vacations on other Greek islands, Rhodes is moderately priced and less expensive than Mykonos and Santorini. The budget for accommodation and other travel facilities heavily depends on the months you decide to travel to Rhodes. To give a fair idea, on average, you will have to spend about 130 Euros per day in Rhodes.


Can I explore Rhodes on foot?

Yes. There are many attractions in Rhodes, especially within the Old Town, that are easy to explore on a walking tour and enjoy the charm of the island at a leisurely pace.


Is Rhodes a kid-friendly destination?

Yes, Rhodes island is considered as one of the top family-friendly greek islands as you can find plenty of things to do for children. Apart from cultural spots and pristine landscapes, Rhodes has fun attractions such as Faliraki Waterpark, Rhodes Toy Museum, Valley of Butterflies to keep young visitors excited on their trip.


Which are the best spots to visit for families?

There are plenty of places that offer a unique blend of fun and relaxation, making Rhodes a fantastic family destination. Some of the popular areas to visit in Rhodes Island for family holidaymakers are Windmills of Mandraki, Acropolis of Lindos, Prasonisi Beach, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, Faliraki Waterpark, Monolithos Castle and Valley of the Butterflies. 


Is it a safe place to travel for solo travellers?

Rhodes is quite safe and has a low crime rate. However as a solo traveller, the usual travel common sense applies such as keeping an eye on your belongings, staying aware of your surroundings and being alert while travelling. Stay at popular, well-lit spots. Trust your gut instincts and refrain from visiting lonely places, especially at night. 


How many days are ideal to visit Rhodes?

To get a comprehensive yet leisurely experience of Rhodes, you should spend at least a week in Rhodes.


Which places should you visit on a 3-day Rhodes Holiday?

Start your Rhodes trip by visiting the Medieval City of Rhodes and Mandraki Harbour on Day one. On day two, head to Anthony Quinn Bay, the Valleys of the Butterflies, and Lindos’ Acropolis. Wrap up your holiday with shopping and water sports at Tsambika Beach before leaving Rhodes.


Are there adventure experiences in Rhodes?

Yes, there are plenty of adventure sports to enjoy in Rhodes such as hiking trails, snorkelling in clear waters, windsurfing along the coast, boat tours to nearby islands, and relaxing on picturesque beaches.


Which are the best areas to stay at in Rhodes?

Each area of Rhodes caters to different tastes and budgets. Rhodes Town is the ideal spot to look for the best hotels in Rhodes Island with better connectivity and facilities for all your travel. However, If you want budget-friendly hotels, Faliraki has some good options.  Ixia, Lindos and Ialyssos are great choices if you are seeking beachside hotels and resorts. 


Can I plan a luxury holiday in Rhodes?

Yes! You can choose from an assortment of experiences to sprinkle some luxury on your Rhodes holiday right from sipping champagne on a private yacht, getting pampered in the most exclusive luxury spa, relaxing at private beach cabanas and dining under the stars at top-notch restaurants. There is a range of luxury stays to choose from as well at Ixia and Lindos which have spectacular, serene chic beach resorts and hotels. 


What should I pack for a Rhodes trip?
Essential items include sunscreen, comfortable clothing, scarves, shawls or jackets as layered clothing, a universal travel adapter, swimwear, walking shoes, a hat, and any necessary medications or first-aid supplies. Carrying a Rhodes Island travel guide and some loose cash will also come in handy during your trip.


Is there any specific dress code?

There is no specific dress code and casual wear is welcomed in attractions and restaurants. However, it is best to dress modestly if you plan to explore religious sites. For fine dining restaurants, there may be formal attires necessary at selected restaurants. 


Which are the main festivals to watch out for?

Rhodes has a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. The popular ones are the Orthodox Easter which has a particular ambience with candlelit midnight masses and street festivities, and Christmas which turns this island into a festive spectacle of illuminated ambience adorn in Christmas Trees and pop-up bustling markets. Other festivals include Medieval Festival, Carnival Feast at Old Town, and seasonal food events such as Strawberry Festival, Flower Festival to name a few. 


Is it safe to swim in the waters at the beaches of Rhodes?

Yes, the beaches of Rhodes are generally safe for swimming, but it is advisable to check for any warning signs or currents before entering the water.


What are the local customs and etiquette to consider while visiting Rhodes?

A few things to keep in mind is that locals greet people on personal occasions with two kisses on the cheek and handshake gestures are not so common.  Attires worn should be modest, especially at religious sites. The hospitality of people can feel a bit intrusive if you are invited to people’s houses as they are curious and like to ask personal questions. The locals of Rhodes love to savour their drinks – be it coffee or wine. So when having a beverage in public, take your time and sip slowly rather than going on a binge drinking spree. Mind the hand gestures as they are considered rude. The Greeks also have a tradition of saying ‘ftou ftou ftou’ to ward away bad energy which can be surprising for visitors when encountered. 


What is the food scene like?

A treasure chest of flavours awaits you here in Rhodes. The island is known for its fresh seafood cuisine and also has a wide range of meat-based dishes incorporated into its food menus. You can find the flavours are Greek with a twist of Rhodes’ local touch in dishes like Pitaroudia, Dolmades, Spetzofai and Amarangoi. You will find generous servings of olives, nuts and the local mizithra cheese. Rhodes also has a thriving street food, cafe and bar culture where you can enjoy an amazing assortment of quick bites and gulp down the traditional welcome drink – Souma. 


Where to eat in Rhodes?

You will find an eclectic array of outlets to choose from for your gastronomical sojourn in Rhodes – right from eloquent fine dining venues to quaint and cosy traditional Greek tavernas and cafes serving Greek coffee and treats. Some of the best restaurants in Rhodes Island to check out for a satisfying Greek culinary experience are Stegna Kozas, Marvikos, Marco Polo Restaurant, Kerasma, Mageirotechneio Taverna Paraga, Romeo Restaurant, and Ambrosia. 


What kind of adapters do I need for my gadgets?

Rhodes uses the same plug types as the rest of Greece. Plug sockets in Rhodes run on a 50Hz supply voltage and accept type C and type F plugs. To make sure that your electronics operate safely, it is best to spend money on a universal travel adapter. 


Do I need a travel insurance for my trip?

Travel insurance is mandatory to get a visa for Greece. It should be a non-negotiable step in any travel planning as it comes in handy during any unfortunate circumstances in a foreign land. 


Which currency should I use in Rhodes? 

Euro is the currency that is most widely accepted in Rhodes. International credit and debit cards can also be used for your purchases, but it is ideal to keep some cash for simple, small purchases in local areas. 


What’s the tipping culture in Rhodes?

Tipping is not compulsory in Rhodes but is appreciated by local services like taxi drivers, local restaurants and service staff in hotels. There isn’t a fixed amount but rounding up to the nearest euro or adding an extra euro or two is a nice gesture as an appreciation for the service provided. Do give the tips in cash rather than swiping it with your card payment. 


Are there any opportunities for shopping in Rhodes?

Of course! Rhodes offers a variety of shopping experiences, including traditional markets, boutique shops, and souvenir stalls in tourist areas. Places like Rhodes Old Town, Cyprus Square, and Kolymbia Centre are best known for shopping experiences. The Apolloniatises Shop and Olive Corner are some of the best places to shop for authentic souvenirs to take back home with you. 

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