10 Unconventional Souvenirs You Can Buy In Rhodes

Many people look forward all year to their holiday in Rhodes island. However, one of the things many people need help with is souvenir ideas they can bring back. While this seems like a frivolous worry, there can be a lot of reasons why people worry about this. Firstly, some souvenirs you can buy in Rhodes can be cumbersome to bring home in their suitcase. Secondly, many others are cheaply made and won’t actually remind you of their wonderful holidays.

However, there are some others that are unique and beautiful. These souvenirs will look beautiful in your home, will be useful, and will actually remind you of the beautiful holiday you had exploring this Greek island. 

Greek Honey

Honey is one of the best superfoods, and Greece has some of the finest one in the entire world. The greek honey has anti-bacterial and healing properties, and it tastes really good too. Rhodes island is renowned for its diverse honey market- they sell multiple different types, from thyme, pine and arbutus honey. Sianna village in particular has great honey producers. This is why honey tasting is definitely one of the must things to do in Rhodes.

honey is one of the souvenirs you can buy in greece

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a massively important part of Greek culture. Since ancient times, olive oil has been incredibly significant culturally. In fact, the city of Athens got its name due to an ancient legend involving olives- it is said that the Goddess Athena gave the city an olive tree. In return, the members of the city named it after her. Real Greek olive oil can make a great addition to your kitchen, meaning you can add a bit of beautiful greek cuisine to your home cooking. From big supermarkets to local grocery stores, you will find it wherever you go throughout the island of Rhodes.

bottle of olive oil

Worry Beads/Komboloi

Komboloi culture is a very important chapter of traditional Greek culture. Their size can varie, but usually they are small, which makes them a great souvenir as they are easy to transport. They are made of an odd number of beads laced onto a piece of string. Their main use is to pass the time and alleviate anxiety. You can find them hanging in many traditional houses. Kompolois are also used as a good luck charm and considered as of the most traditional souvenirs you can buy in Greece that will always remind you of the local customs and culture. 

Natural Soaps And Cosmetics

Honey and olive oil are great to use in the kitchen, but they are also a really good thing to use on your body considering their medicinal value. The Greeks have used these in soaps and cosmetics for many generations. Local souvenir shops or plenty of beauty shops sell a multitude of different olive oil based soaps, hand creams and moisturisers. Other ingredients used include saffron, pine and yoghurt. They are so good for your skin and are relatively easy to carry. They also last for a long time, meaning you can wear a bit of Greece every single day. 

soaps are the best soubenirs you can buy in greece

Local Wines, Ouzo or Souma

Ouzo is one of Greece’s most popular exports and decidedly one of the best souvenirs you can buy in general in Greece. People from all over the world love this drink. Flavoured with fresh aniseed, it is a beautifully-tasting alcohol that also doubles as an aperitif. It is available at every fish taverna, including airports. However, a special Greek experience is trying Ouzo made by locals or by brands that have been making it for hundreds of years.

Souma is the traditional drink of Rhodes island. Similar to the Cretan raki or Italian grappa, is often simmered with honey or cinnamon to create alternative sweeteners. Ιτ ισ a great, practical souvenir to bring home, and will always remind you of the taste of Rhodes. The best Souma is produced in Sianna village, don’t miss the chance to grab a bottle before leave.

Wine culture is also an important part of Rhodes island culture. You can find a variety of local wines to enjoy while you are here. The most well known wine production area is the village of Embona where legendary wine tasting tours take place. From crisp white wines to full-bodied reds, you can find something to suit all tastes. If you are a wine lover, some bottles made by local wineries would be one of the most representative souvenirs you can buy in Rhodes. 

ouzo bottles is one of the best souvenirs you can buy in Greece

Local spices and herbs

If you are a foodie, you shouldn’t miss the chance to buy some local spices and herbs. No matter of where you are going to take them from, as greek nature produces the best quality products all around the island. From dried oregano and thyme to paprika and saffron, you can find a variety of flavors to add to your cooking. You can find these spices in local markets and shops but also free in the nature, and they can be excellent gifts for food-loving friends or family.


Local Art

There are many talented artists surrounding the Old Town of Rhodes. On top of that, there are many artists that paint beautiful scenes of the local landscape, portraits, and much more. They also create many different types of art, such as ceramics. Taking a piece of handmade local art home with you is one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from Rhodes. Once it is in your home, you will always be reminded of your time exploring the island. It is a much better souvenir idea than buying fridge magnets you won’t really look at but a piece of art hanging in your living area is something that you will cherish forever. 


Many local artists also create bespoke handmade jewellery, which is sold in my shops and on many stalls around. There are many different types of jewellery which you can buy during your holiday. You can buy everything from affordable handmade bracelets and wristbands to the finest gold or silver. There are many affordable, original designs on display in the artist’s markets of the Old town, New Market, and Lindos village


Handmade Ceramic Homeware

Pottery has always been a huge part of the local culture. Pioneers of the craft, Ancient Rhodian ceramics have been displayed in every famous museum in the world. However, modern-day Rhodes still leads the way when it comes to handmade luxury ceramics. Buying some beautiful, hand-painted ceramics created by local artists will make a fantastic addition to your home, and every day when you use it you will be reminded of your time exploring the island of Rhodes. One thing you need to keep in mind is this might be slightly more tricky to transport- however using a bit of bubble wrap and clothes will help keep them safe on your travels. Another one representative idea of souvenirs you can buy in Rhodes island.

rhodian ceramics


Rhodes villages have a wide selection of luxury homeware in the artisanal home shops. Traditional carpets and rugs might be a bit different to transport, however, they are one of the best homeware gifts to bring back to you. (Keep in mind, you might have to mail it to yourself which could cost a bit extra!) However, you will have a piece of homeware that will look amazing in your home and actually has a backstory (talk about a conversation piece!) In Greece, there are two main types of rugs. Flokati is a heavy woollen rug which is made in the traditional style, and kilimia is another type which is also very popular. 

Instead of buying ordinary fridge magnets and keyrings, you should definitely consider getting one of these souvenir ideas. They can actually represent bits of the culture and will actually remind you of your time there- and they often make lovely additions to your home.

Did you enjoy our list about the most unconventional souvenirs you can buy in Rhodes? Would you like to add any other idea? Leave your suggestion in the comment section below and we will check it out shortly. Do not forget to share and subscribe to our newsletter.

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