Top Activities to Try in Rhodes Island

Rhodes has definitely got it going for every type of traveler. From the stunning beaches to boating, water sports, hiking, history, art, and dining, there is always things to do that awaits everyone. Here are some of the top activities to try in Rhodes island that you shouldn’t miss trying for yourself. Read on for insider tips and recommendations!

Sea Kayaking

Are you up for some fun and exciting activities to do in Rhodes Island? Then, why not go out and explore the sea waters on a kayak and paddle along the stunning coast as you search for more adventures to try?

Sea kayaking is the perfect chance for you to drift into the secluded and sheltered bays. You can also explore the unique rock formations, hidden caves while immersing yourself in the tranquility of the Mediterranean. Paddle through the emerald waters washing against the sparkling rocky shore that will surely make you realize that there is more to Rhodes than what meets the eyes!


If you are a certified hiking aficionado, Rhodes will definitely give you a fill of your hiking cravings. There is Profitis Ilias, the island’s greenest point. This is a wonderful place for you to stop, take a deep breath, and bask in the panoramic views that the island has to offer. The area is heavily forested, a place lush with natural beauty.

There are also two small quaint hotels in the area constructed by Italians during late 1920s, with one of them undergoing a recent restoration. These hotels are great places where you can grab some drinks and food during your hike. After the buildings, there is a stone staircase that will take you further to the mountain’s highest point.

There are many other spots for hiking in Rhodes island that are guaranteed to give you the most breathtaking views. Mountains like Akramitis or Attaviros, the island’s highest peak will leave you speechless. Whether you opt for the highest peaks or get started with a shorter hike, you can be sure that Rhodes won’t disappoint in the hiking scene.

mountain akramitis hiking tours

Scuba Diving – Snorkelling

Taking a plunge into the crystal clear ocean waters and exploring the attention-grabbing kingdom below is no doubt one of the best activities to try in Rhodes for all thrill-seekers out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a total beginner because there are many scuba diving trips to choose from for all experience levels.

Don’t miss the chance to swim past those mysterious caves and gorgeous sea walls. Or discover the rocky reef that serves as the home to fish that comes in an exciting plethora of colors. There is even the added bonus that the water itself is warm, making the experience even more pleasant.

Rhodes boasts of a long list of superb spots for snorkeling that you will have a hard time picking between them. If you are up for it, you can even take that boat trip and go to all the best spots in just a day. Splash around the sparkling waters, sail to the tranquil bays, bob on the surface, or dive to the seabed to your heart’s delight!

scuba diving activity in rhodes island

4x4 Safari

Hit the back roads on a 4×4 and discover some parts of Rhodes that are privy to just a few lucky visitors. Zoom along those secret trails and dirt tracks that lead to some of the most dramatic viewpoints over the island. Drive through the sleepy villages where it seems like time stood still.

A 4×4 safari is the perfect chance for you to enjoy the ultimate winning combination of 4×4 adventure and island culture. Grab the chance to explore the different terrains, the natural stunning coast to coast sceneries, and engage in the most fun activities you can ever imagine.

The safari will also keep you entertained with all the interesting legends, myths, and fun facts about Rhodes Island. This is an excellent way for you to hit the tracks and enjoy an exclusive and personal way of seeing and discovering the beauty of Rhodes. You may not find accommodation options similar to Sabi Sands Game Reserve Lodges in Rhodes Island, but you will still enjoy your stay!

jeep safari in rodos

Rock Climbing

The development of rock climbing in Rhodes officially started in 2000. The gorgeous island of the sun, gets 300 days of sunshine all year-round that makes rock climbing such a breeze, so to speak.

From the months of April through October, there is virtually 100% chance of uninterrupted sunshine. Aside from being Europe’s popular kitesurfing and windsurfing spot, Rhodes also offers one of a kind rock climbing experiences at different crags all over the island.

Ladiko is the island’s main sector nestled right after Faliraki, the popular touristic spot on the eastern side of the island. Afantou and Anthony Quinn sectors are also a short distance away and very close to them. Υou will find the magnificent Traganou beach where you can enjoy bouldering right next to the dazzling sea water.

The small yet stunning sector of Gadoura can be found further south. Platania sector is right at the heart of the island while Siana sector has a remote location to the western side. There are many other newly open routes that rock climbers can discover and explore so you would never run out of choices.

αναρρίχηση βράχου στη ρόδο

Wind Surfing – Kitesurfing

When it comes to kitesurfing, nothing comes close to Prasonisi, the place where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet. During summer months, the island becomes a peninsula connected to Rhodes, made possible by the low water levels. Once the winter months come when the water levels become high enough, Prasonisi transforms into a beautiful island. The island is the perfect spot for all sports lovers out there, especially those who are into windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Don’t worry if this is the first time that you will be trying it. There are several great courses for both beginners as well as advanced levels for kitesurfing in Theologos located in the northern part of the island. Watch as your sail unfurls and prepare for that adrenaline-filled ride over the strong waves while you master kitesurfing at Prasonisi beach. The twin coves have warm waters with strong north winds that make the place an ideal spot for all kinds of fun-fuelled sports.

The place is also equally popular for windsurfing complete with classes for experts and first-timers alike. Even the onlookers can enjoy taking a dip into the clear waters or climb the hill to get more stunning views.

windsurfing in rhodes

SUP Stand Up Boarding

Stand up boarding or SUP is one of the most amazing adventures you should never miss out when in Rhodes. Many people have become big fans of this sports that makes them feel like they are walking on the waters. The tranquil and flat Mediterranean Sea is a great spot for stand up boarding while you are surrounded with beautiful views. Seal’s Cave, Ladiko Beach, and Anthony Quinn Bay are some of the best spots in the east coast of the island for stand up boarding.

The good news here is that you don’t need any prior experience to try SUP and this is also perfect for all ages. Have a great time as you float past the dramatic sea cliffs and explore some hidden coves during your tranquil SUP tour. What makes stand up boarding a wonderful experience is that it gives you access to some of the secret hidden spots along the coast that only a few lucky tourists get to visit. 

stand up paddle activity during sunset in rhodes island


The stunning medieval town of Rhodes is the best place to be for some knight adventures. The Street of the Knights is Rhodes Town’s most beautiful and important street of the area. It is believed that this is where the warriors and knights used to spend most of their time.

Today, however, instead of riding a horse, riding a Segway is the modern way of exploring the town. This is a different and unique way of exploring the old town to add some fun to the whole experience. During a Segway tour, you can get to ride the chariot that will take you to the Grand Master’s Palace, the old city gates, and so much more. There is also a tour escort who will fill you in with details about the Knights Hospitaller and the city itself.

segway tour in rhodes town

Horse Riding

Horse riding in Rhodes island is an exhilarating experience that combines adventure, nature, and culture, Also, allows you to explore the beautiful island scenery in a unique way. With its winding trails, lush forests, and stunning coastline, Rhodes is the perfect place to go horseback riding.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, there are a variety of horse riding tours available that cater to all levels of experience. Imagine trotting through the countryside, taking in the fragrant scents of wild herbs and flowers, while admiring the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Horse riding is an unforgettable experience and definitely one of the top activities to try in Rhodes. 

horse riding things to do with childrenin rhodes island

Go Fishing

There are three different seas surrounding Greece so it is not really a big surprise that the love of water has been deeply embedded into the culture of this lovely country. From the many fishing villages that dot the shorelines to the sumptuous and fresh seafood that is cooked and served in the local tavernas, the strong love for angling definitely shines brightly through every aspect of Greek life.

But, you might be surprised to know that fishing in Rhodes (and in Greece as a whole) has just recently rose to popularity among visiting tourists and anglers. Rhodes, is the ideal spot where you can experience traditional squid fishing. Visit the place on fall and experience fishing for the creatures at night.

rhodes fishing trip

Wine Tasting

Embonas village is located right in the heart of Rhodes and is filled with life all throughout the year with its selection of tavernas. Aside from being the best place to go if you want to taste well-cooked delicacies, the village has also earned a well-deserved reputation for its local wines. It is considered as the island’s leading and most important place when it comes to grape production. The area is perched high up in the lush hills with scenic views to offer and is the main wine producer of the island.

With its unique climate and terroir, the state produces a wide range of wines, from crisp whites to full-bodied reds. The vineyards are often family-owned, and the wine tour experiences are intimate and personalized, providing visitors with an opportunity to connect with the winemakers and learn about the production process. Many vineyards also offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, making the wine tastings a truly unforgettable experience. Undoubtedly one of the top activities to try in Rhodes while there. They also hold a wine festival here during the month of September.

guided wine tour
guided wine tour

Boat Trips

There are several boat trips from Rhodes available that let you hop on a boat so you can explore the nearby islands.

Symi is among the few smaller islands about two hours away that makes a wonderful day boat trip. Aside from being closest to Rhodes, access to Symi is also easy and simple, with several boats heading that way in just one day throughout the high season.

There are many reasons why a boat trip to Symi is something you shouldn’t miss out and you will realize it from the moment the boat has pulled into the harbor. It serves as the home to houses with gorgeous neo-classical architecture set in impressive dramatic scenery. Take a dip in its clear waters, wander around the harbor, and grab a bite of the island delicatessen, the Symian Shrimp.

Another famous stop of boat trips is none other than Halki island. A place more secluded than the island of Symi and just 6 kilometers away from Rhodes. Halki is the best place to be if you want to experience antique Greece in its finest. It has a museum where you can explore a traditionally furnished house of the bygone days. You can stroll around the harbor and sip a cup of traditional coffee.

full luxury cruise to symi island

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