9+1 Travel Hacks for Cheap Holidays in Rhodes for 2024

Do you also want to visit Rhodes on a vacation, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? We know the feeling; we still want to travel while saving some money. That’s why we have compiled these essential travel tips for cheap holidays in Rhodes for 2024. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can explore this AMAZING island without spending too much money.

Below we’ll give you our tips on how to cut costs for flights, hotels, meals, activities and so much more! Success is assured!

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Tips for Cheap Holidays BEFORE to Get to Rhodes

1. Choose the right season

Choosing the right season for affordable holidays in Rhodes can be a significant travel hack to save money. If you are looking for cooler days and fewer crowds, the best months to visit are April, May, September, and October. These months are considered off-peak; hence the accommodation and flight prices can be significantly lower compared to the summer months.

Another advantage of visiting Rhodes during these months is that the weather is still pleasant, and the crowds are far lesser than they are during the summer months. This not only makes for a more laidback vacation, but it also gives you the chance to explore the island’s attractions without having to deal with throngs of other travelers.

Let’s move on to the next travel hack!

2. Book early

Booking your trip to Rhodes early can be a significant travel hack to save money too. Travel and accommodation prices tend to rise as the departure date gets closer, so booking in advance allows you to secure the best deals. We always try to book at least 3-4 months in advance.

Cheap flights are often available at odd times, such as early mornings on weekdays. Therefore, being flexible with your flight times can lead to substantial savings. It’s also a good idea to clear your browser cookies when searching for flights, as some airlines and booking sites may increase prices based on your browsing history.

Accommodation is another area where booking early can make sure you have your cheap holidays in Rhodes. The best-priced rooms and apartments often sell out first, so the earlier you book, the more options you’ll have available within your budget.

3. Hunt for discounts

A tried-and-true travel tip that will help you save money is looking for discounts. You can use a variety of techniques to make the most of every euro you spend.

First off, there are numerous websites like Groupon, Expedia, and Hotels.com that provide deals on travel and lodging in Rhodes. To learn about airline and hotel offers and promotions, you might also think about subscribing to their newsletters and following their social media profiles.

Secondly, take advantage of budget airlines. Low-cost carriers can transport you from one city to another without breaking the bank. Be sure to check prices on less popular booking sites and set up flight alerts to get notified about price drops.

When it comes to accommodation, we have found new evidence that suggests that hotels and hostels might actually be cheaper than Airbnbs due to its popularity in the last few years. Consider checking both options to find the best deal.

4. Prefer a hostel

Traveling to Rhodes on a budget can be accomplished by staying in a hostel. Hostels offer a special chance to connect with other travelers from around the world and are frequently substantially less expensive than hotels or vacation homes.

There are several hostels located throughout Rhodes that cater to different budgets and preferences. Some offer private rooms, while others have dormitory-style accommodations with shared bathrooms. Most hostels also have common kitchens, so you may prepare your own meals and avoid eating out.

We made a short list of the best hostels in Rhodes below:

  1. STAY Hostel Rhodes
  2. Rhodes Backpackers
  3. Rhodes Youth Hostel

Hostels frequently offer free Wi-Fi, lockers for protecting your stuff, free maps, and suggestions for nearby sites and activities in addition to being reasonably priced. Even better, some hostels plan social gatherings like pub crawls or shared meals, which may be a great way to meet other backpackers and make new friends.

When choosing a hostel, consider its location relative to the attractions you want to visit. A centrally-located hostel might be a bit more expensive, but it can save you money on transportation costs.

Remember to read reviews before booking to ensure the hostel is clean, safe, and well-managed. Websites like Hostelworld can help you compare prices, facilities, and reviews of hostels in Rhodes.

5. Stay in a low touristic area

Opt for accommodations in the charming villages or suburbs rather than the crowded tourist hotspots. By renting an apartment off the beaten path, you not only get a taste of local life but also enjoy significant cost savings. Imagine waking up to the authentic sounds of village life, sipping coffee at a local café, and exploring hidden gems without the crowds.

Not only will you discover a more genuine experience, but you’ll also find that prices for accommodations, dining, and activities are notably friendlier on your wallet. 

We made a short list of the cheapest accommodation areas in Rhodes island below:

  1. Rhodes town – Analipsi, Aghios Nikolaos, Asgourou
  2. Koskinou village
  3. Kalithies village
  4. Afandou
  5. Psinthos village
  6. Maritsa village
  7. Arhaggelos 
  8. Massari village
  9. Pilona village
  10. Asklipio village
  11. Aghios Isidoros
  12. Sianna village
  13. Fanes
  14. Kalavarda
  15. Kritinia village
  16. Monolithos village

Embrace the serenity of the outskirts while still having easy access to the island’s main attractions, creating the perfect recipe for a memorable and budget-friendly holiday in Rhodes.

Tips for Cheap Holidays WHEN in Rhodes

6. Eat like a local

“Eating like a local” is an effective and enjoyable travel hack for saving money while visiting Rhodes. Not only does it allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture, but it also helps you avoid overpriced tourist traps. Greek cuisine is renowned worldwide for its flavorful and healthy dishes. In Rhodian cuisine, you can find many traditional tavernas and restaurants that offer affordable and delicious meals.

One way to eat like a local and save money is by opting for street food. Gyros, souvlaki, and other Greek fast foods are not only authentic but also budget-friendly. You can have a filling meal for just a few Euros.

Another tip is to dine where the locals do. These places often serve high-quality food at reasonable prices. A good trick is to look out for places that are busy with locals, as this is usually a sign of good food and value.

Here are some top-rated cheap eats in Rhodes where the locals go:

  1. Kalagris Cafe Bar – Restaurant: Known for its fantastic ambiance and diverse menu, Kalagris is a favorite among locals.
  2. Ovelix Dina’s Kitchen: A cozy spot in the heart of the town offering Greek classics and comfort food.
  3. Gondola: If you’re looking for Italian cuisine in Rhodes, Gondola is the place to go.
  4. Costas and Elena: Another great option for traditional Greek dishes.
  5. Gelatiamo Rhodes laboratory: This place is famous for its delicious ice cream and sweet treats.

Another excellent strategy to save money is to go to your neighborhood market. Fresh produce, cheeses, and other goods are available for less money here than they are in supermarkets or dining establishments. Also, you’ll get to take in the lively local culture.

7. Use public transportation

Transportation, following accommodation and food, is the third most significant travel expense.  Using public buses is one of the cheapest ways to get around in Rhodes and a significant hack for saving money during holidays.

The island s’ network is not very extensive, it ‘s reliable though.  It can take you to most places, including the popular tourist sites during the summer season. The central bus stop next to Mandraki harbor serves as the main hub from where you can catch buses to both sides of the island. The fares are far lower than those of taxis or car rentals, making it a cost-effective mode of transportation.

Using public transportation allows you also to experience the local lifestyle while saving money at the same time. It allows you to contact with people and watch their daily lives. You won’t have to worry about locating parking or navigating unfamiliar roads, either.

Last but not least, taking public transit is a more environmentally friendly way to travel. By lowering your carbon impact, you are also helping to preserve the lovely island of Rhodes. Furthermore, several bus routes provide stunning views of the island’s surroundings, transforming your commute into a tourist excursion.

It gets even better!

8. Avoid ATMs

While indulging in a budget-friendly escape to the mesmerizing island of Rhodes, it’s essential to be mindful of your financial transactions to maximize savings. One aspect often overlooked is handling money effectively, specifically when it comes to cash supply.

ATMs, while convenient, can pose a threat to your budget due to high withdrawal charges. To steer clear of unnecessary expenses, it’s advisable to avoid the blue ATMs like plaque. These ATMs are often operated by third-party companies therefore typically charge higher fees, eating into your travel budget. Instead, opt for ATMs operated by Greek banks like Eurobank, Piraeus, Alpha etc. These are more likely to offer reasonable withdrawal fees, allowing you to access your funds without incurring excessive charges.

Additionally, it’s a good practice to withdraw larger amounts at once to minimize the frequency of ATM visits and, consequently, reduce overall fees.

Travel Hacks for Cheap Holidays in Rhodes for 2024

9. Visit free attractions

Visiting free sites is an excellent way for cheap holidays in Rhodes while still enjoying the rich history and beauty of the beautiful Mediterranean island.

Rhodes is rich in history, and many of its most beautiful sights can be seen for free. Here are some reasons why you might adopt this strategy:

  1. Rich History and Culture: Many of the historical sites in Rhodes are free to visit. For example, you can stroll around the Medieval City of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site, soaking up the atmosphere without any admission fee.
  2. Natural Beauty: Rhodes is famous for its natural landscapes. You can enjoy a day at Elli Beach, hike in Rodini park, or watch stunning views from Filerimos Hill and Monolithos, Feraklos and Kritinia castles.  All these without spending a dime.
  3. Local Life: Exploring local markets or wandering through the old town gives you a glimpse into the daily life of the locals. The Mandraki Harbor and its famous deer statues are also free to visit.
  4. Street Art and Architecture: Rhodes has an impressive collection of street art and historic architecture that you can admire for free. Walking around the streets of Rhodes Town, you’ll encounter beautiful murals, ancient ruins, and Byzantine buildings.

BONUS TIP: Nagotiate prices

We didn’t discover America, but negotiating prices is a practical travel hack that can help you save money everywhere. Here’s why this strategy can be key to maintaining your budget:

  1. Bargaining Culture: In many parts of Greece, including Rhodes, bargaining is a common practice, especially in markets and small shops. Sellers often expect some level of negotiation, and if done respectfully, you can secure a good deal.
  2. Souvenir Shopping: When buying souvenirs in Rhodes, clothing, or other goods from local markets or street vendors, there’s usually room for price negotiation. Starting with a counter-offer at about half the initial price is a common tactic.
  3. Taxi Fares: While taxis in Rhodes are generally affordable, it’s still a good idea to negotiate the fare before getting in the car, particularly if the taxi doesn’t have a meter.
  4. Accommodation Rates: During off-peak seasons, some hotels and guesthouses may be willing to negotiate their rates. It never hurts to ask for a discount or inquire about special deals.
  5. Excursions and Tours: If you’re planning to take any tours or excursions in Rhodes, try to negotiate the price. Operators may offer discounts for groups or for booking multiple activities.


Rhodes is a beautiful island that is worth exploring, and with these travel hacks for cheap holidays in Rhodes, you can do it without spending a lot of money.

Let us know in the comments how much money you saved or share your experiences and money-saving tips in the comments below!

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