The Greek Island of Rhodes is the home to many beautiful and gorgeous beaches. But, out of all of them, one beach stands out as unique and exceptional. Is it possible to see two seas simultaneously by just being in one place? This might sound like an unlikely idea but Prasonisi beach proves it otherwise.

There is no doubt that Prasonisi is among Rhodes’ most impressive beaches located at its southernmost tip. This is why it is one of the most popular destinations of almost all the tours in Rhodes. There are two sandy coves that end in an island you can easily reach by swimming or on foot, depending on the water level and on the weather.

Which two seas meet at Prasonisi beach?

Prasonisi Beach is the meeting place of two seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. This means that when you are there, you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea then jump in the Aegean Sea in just a matter of seconds. Isn’t that awesome?

prasonisi in rhodes island

What is Prasonisi, then? Prasonisi can be either a peninsula or an island depending on the specific season. During summer months, when there is low tide, the sandy spit is revealed, turning Prasonisi into a peninsula connected to Rhodes. The pit is what is known as the Prasonisi Beach that serves as a paradise on earth for the surfers. When the months of winter come and the level of water becomes higher, the sea swallows up Prasonisi Beach, turning Prasonisi into an island all over again! One of the most interesting facts about Rhodes for sure!

Another fact is that the greek term “Prasonisi” has a literal meaning of “green island.” During early summer and spring, the place turns into an oasis of greenery.

How do I get to Prasonisi beach?

The place can found on the southwester end of Rhodes Island. To reach Prasonisi from the city of Rhodes, you need to cross the whole island and drive for approximately 100 kilometers. But, you don’t have worry because the stretch of the road was really good, not to mention that you will also be passing a lot of interesting places during your drive. Places like Faliraki, Tsambika beach, Seven Springs or Lindos village which you can visit!

Things to do in Prasonisi

Visit the Lighthouse

Prasonisi Beach is a sandy place perfect for sunbathing. But, if lounging by the beach is not your thing, you can always go for a stroll and explore Prasonisi’s island-peninsula. In just 30 minutes or so, you can reach the edge of the island and there, you will find an abandoned lighthouse. A stunning view spreads out from here. Sharp rocks and a deep sea can be seen below and a glance on the horizon will give you a glimpse of Karpathos Island.

Go Surfing!

Prasonisi beach is very popular to surfers around the world for its excellent geographical location which makes it possible to sail in completely different conditions in two different seas. Furthermore, another factor that makes  it attractive for windsurfing and kiteboarding is the strong and stable Meltemi wind.  The wind direction is mainly onshore on the Aegean side and offshore on the Meditteranean s one. Close the shore, there is a shallow water area of about 10 to 30 m.


Average sea water temperature

The air temperatures are just a few degrees above the water ones. This happens due to the wind.


Visit ancient Vroulia

At the southernmost point of the island opposite Prasonisi located ancient Vroulia. This is of the most early settlements with coordinated urban design to have been situated in Greece. Archaelogical finds putting its development somewhere in between of 650 and 550 BC. The location was not chosen randomly, but mainly for military reasons. This was the last south-eastern port for ships before sailing out into the sea of the eastern Mediterranean. Likewise, it was also the first landfall for the incoming vessels from Cyprus and Middle east.

A Perfect Spot for the Perfect Sunset

While Prasonisi is already a beauty to behold by itself, the sunset here will surely captivate you as well. In fact, this could be where you can see the most beautiful sunset in the entire Rhodes Island and the view will simply take your breath away. The sun gets reflected on the sea’s surface and shines like it was made of gold.


Prasonisi is definitely one of the best things to do in Rhodes island during your stay there!


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