Honeymoon in Rhodes – Top Romantic Ideas for Couples

After your luxurious wedding, the beautiful Rhodes Island invites newlyweds to go on a trip to explore and enjoy its sunny beaches, historical sights, and lovely scenery. Rhodes has a lot of history and beautiful views, making it a perfect place for couples to go on their romantic honeymoon. In this detailed guide, we look at many romantic ideas of things to do that are meant to bring couples closer together and make happy memories after a big wedding. This guide will be your one-stop shop for crafting the perfect honeymoon in Rhodes.

watching the amazing view from monolithos castle during private island tour

Walking on Lindos Beach at Sunset

Feeling the love of the Aegean Sea. As the sun sets and the sky turns golden, Lindos Beach becomes a beautiful place for couples to have a romantic getaway. The soft sounds of the waves against the beach make a great background for relaxing walks at sunset. Lindos Beach has beautiful sand and great views, making it a peaceful place for newlyweds to spend time together and think about the start of their marriage.

Take a Private Boat Trip

Take one of the private boat trips for a peaceful experience on the Aegean Sea. Sail to the stunning bays of Kallithea or Anthony Quinn on a private yacht, and enjoy the clear water and beautiful views. Sail on the blue sea, find secret beaches, and go snorkeling, making special memories away from busy daily life. An absolutely special getaway for couples during their honeymoon in Rhodes island!

Have Dinner in the Old Town

Enjoy a meal with beautiful scenery in the historic Old Town. Try delicious food while surrounded by old buildings and history. Rhodes Old Town has old-fashioned streets and a medieval feel, making it a great place for a romantic dinner. Small, charming restaurants hidden in old courtyards are perfect for a romantic, candlelit dinner for two. Pick a place with a balcony that has a view of the city. You can enjoy tasty food and beautiful sights that make the evening feel romantic.

Combine a Wine Tour with a Sunset Experience

Take a trip to Rhodes Island on a captivating wine-tasting tour. You’ll see beautiful views and the tour ends with a romantic sunset. As you walk through the green vineyards and old wineries, knowledgeable guides will tell you about how local wine is made. They will show you how the special soil gives the wines their unique flavors. The tour ends with a beautiful sunset view from an old castle where couples can see the sky turning different colors. The atmosphere is filled with love as you cheer with glasses of great wine and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Aegean Sea. You will make memories that will stay with you forever.

honeymoon gift idea in Rhodes island

Spa Retreats for Couples

Luxury getaways for couples to relax and recharge at the spa. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa getaway made for couples in a very fancy place. Rhodes has really good spa services, so if you’re a newlywed, you can relax and spoil yourself. You can relax at the spa with your partner and get special treatments after all the wedding celebrations.

Stay in a private villa in Ixia

A cozy place surrounded by beautiful scenery. Make your after-luxury wedding party even better by renting a private villa in Ixia. It’s a luxurious and private place to stay. Experience the special feeling of having your cozy area, with a private pool and beautiful scenery. The calm and quiet area of Ixia is a peaceful place for couples to enjoy each other’s company in a romantic and private setting.

Discover the Palace of the Grand Master

A Trip into the Past and Love Dive into the past as you visit the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes Old Town. The big rooms and old-fashioned buildings are charming places for couples who want a mix of romance and learning about history and art. Stroll through the palace holding hands, learn about its history, and feel the timeless charm of this historic place.

sightseeing tours in rhodes island

Go hiking to Butterfly Valley

Discover a beautiful hike through Butterfly Valley, perfect for nature lovers. Hidden in a quiet part of Rhodes, this lovely valley is a home to many different plants and animals, especially in the summer when a rare species of butterflies comes to live there. The walking path goes through a lot of green plants and trees, where you can see beautiful waterfalls and colorful flowers and hear the peaceful sounds of nature. The experience is not just nice to look at but also a refreshing trip that lets you appreciate the beauty of the island. It creates memories of a peaceful and magical adventure into the heart of Rhodes’ wild nature.

people walk along a bridge in butterfly valley rhodes

Take a Walk in Kosikinou Village

Get away from the busy tourist areas and enjoy the peacefulness of Koskinou village, a hidden place that is not crowded with lots of people. This old-fashioned village has pretty, narrow streets made of stones and bright, colorful houses. It’s a peaceful place to experience real Greek life. As you walk through the small paths, you will experience the real everyday life of the local people away from the busy city. The buildings are covered in pretty flowers, and the people are really friendly. It feels special and inviting and makes you want to slow down and enjoy the peaceful village.

traditional house rhodes

Beachfront Couples Massage

Couples can have a relaxing massage by the sea at the beach. Treat yourselves to a relaxing beachfront massage for couples. You’ll hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze, making it even more enjoyable. Many fancy hotels in Rhodes offer a relaxing spa treatment for couples to enjoy together by the sea. This relaxing experience is a great way to unwind and spend time together after the fun and energy of the wedding party.

In Rhodes, every romantic thing you do on your honeymoon adds to the beautiful picture of your love and special moments together. The island has lots of different things to do, like beaches and old buildings. It’s a great place for couples to explore and make lasting memories, even after the luxury wedding party is over. Whether you’re visiting old buildings, taking a boat ride, or watching the sunset, Rhodes has lots of romantic things to do for couples starting a new life together.

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