Rhodes Marina

Rhodes Marina is the popular port located near Rhodes medieval town on the shores of the stunning Aegean Sea. This elegant and bustling community is also considered one of Rhodes island’s most attractive locations all year-long.

Rhodes Marina at a Glance

The state-of-the-art facilities for yachts together with the promenade and recreational areas provide perfect getaway moments not only for the locals but also for the visitors and tourists of the island.

The Marina is a functional and safe base and serves as a great starting point for those who plan to travel all over the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. There is also a dry dock and a shipyard available at the Marina. There is an ultra-modern control tower that ensures round-the-clock integrated management and constant monitoring of the Marina.

The Marina provides everything visitors can ask for that is accessible throughout the year. Rhodes Airport serving millions of visitors from different corners of the globe is only 30 minutes away from the Marina. The primary commercial port that has frequent and regular ferry itineraries is also located beside the Marina.

  • The new Marina in Rhodes Island currently has 382 boat berths that are expected to grow to 563.
  • The Marina’s docking is made using specific instruments with specialized staff to ensure that the guests are free from dangers and inconveniences.
  • The Marina is also constructed to cater to the high-level demands of owners of Mega Yachts, offering high-quality services and infrastructure, like the 5 to 6.50 operating depth depending on the moored yacht’s size.
  • Rhodes Marina is also the only Greek marina that has enough room for yachts measuring 120 meters.

With its extended fiber-optic network, Rhodes Marina also equipped each berth with an internet connection, telephone, TY, and even remote-control monitoring of both water and electrical consumption.

The entire marina area also has WiFi internet, fiber optic internet, as well as cable connection to terrestrial and satellite TV. There is also a CCTV system in place that ensures top-notch security in the area.

Many parts of Rhodes Marina’s docking area also have the necessary protection thanks to the available access control system.

rhodes marinas panoramic view

Docking and Mooring Schedules

Rhodes Marina operates round the clock for 24 hours not only during the season but also in extra-season.

What are the Transportation Options To and From Rhodes Marina?

There are two main ways for you to get to Rhodes Marina, and these are by plane or by boat:

  • By Plane

Rhodes Island is served by Rhodes International Airport ”Diagoras” with the code RHO. You can find the airport on the west coast of the island approximately 14 kilometers from the town of Rhodes.

  • By Boat

The coordinates of Rhodes Marina is Lat. 36.43777778/ Long. 28.24055556. Ferry connections are also available every day from the port of Piraeus to Rhodes Marina. These ferries also have frequent stops at the islands of Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, and Patmos.

The trip to Rhodes Marina from Piraeus usually takes 12 up to 17 hours, which will vary depending on how many ports of call the specific ferry has.

You can also access Rhodes via ferries from Bodrum and Tilos, Symi, Datca, Fethiye, as well as Marmaris in Turkey. There are also cruise ships docked at the commercial port located east of the Old Town of Rhodes.

Available Facilities at Rhodes Marina

The plot of Rhodes Marina covers land that measures 118,800 square meters. Out of this entire space, only 22,745.42 square meters are covered with infrastructures and buildings that free up the rest of the space perfect for recreational activities and walking while being surrounded with verdant greens.

All of the buildings in the area have been built with low height to ensure that they don’t obstruct or affect the view, perfectly designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. The medieval city of Rhodes served as the inspiration for the architecture of the available facilities in the area.

The following are the facilities available at Rhodes Marina that are well-appreciated by the skippers that book a berth here:

  • There are spacious parking facilities at the marina that are guarded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for guaranteed security and protection.
  • It is not allowed to park at the docks. But there are electric cars available upon request that boat customers and boat personnel can use for transportation from and to the boats.
  • For security purposes, access to some designated dock areas is only exclusively allowed to the authorized cardholders.
  • Rhodes Marina is equipped with an integrated electronic that comes in handy for security, control, and central monitoring of the facilities by the sea and on land alike.
  • There is an available refueling station at Rhodes Marina with 240 cubic meter-capacity.
  • There are five stations for the collection of bilge water and waste at the marina.
  • The marina has a surrounding area of 90 square meters that features gardens, green spaces, a waterfront, and others.
  • There is an infrastructure network that provides basic services such as water, electricity, security, telecommunications, and electronic devices.
  • The telecommunications network includes fiber optics, wireless, wired, and more.
  • The fiber-optic network FTTB has direct connection berth terminals.
  • Rhodes Marina is equipped with a television, electricity supply, water supply network, and VIP cameras.
  • The marina has a Buildings Management System or BMS.
  • All parts of Rhodes Marina are covered and monitored through a CCTV or close circuit television system.
  • There are audiovisual information and public address or PA systems at the marina.
  • The marina features a controlled-access network and a lighting network.
  • Rhodes Marina is also equipped with supervisory control and data acquisition system or SCADA.
  • The marina has a fire safety and firefighting network.
  • There is an accessible administration building for concerns, queries, and other marina-related stuff.
  • Rhodes Marina is complete with a network of underwater cameras and thermal imaging cameras.
  • There is an emergency entrance guard building and a central entrance guard building.
  • You can get assistance from the available public services at the marina if the need arises, and these include a police station, port authority station, and customs, just to name a few.
  • There are a total of three laundries available at the marina complete with toilets and showers.
  • Commercial buildings occupy 4,700 square meters which include a Duty Free Shop, restaurant, supermarket, bank branch, café, and refueling building.
  • Drydocking and travel lifts are available.
  • There are outlets for the vessel maintenance agencies.
  • 220V power and water are both available for the marina users on the quay.
  • A car tanker delivers fuel on the quay.
rhodes marinas panoramic view

What are the Nearby Amenities from Rhodes Marina?

Several available amenities are just a short distance away from Rhodes Marina for your optimum comfort and convenience.

Located 1.6 kilometers from Rhodes Marina, 7 Palms Hotel Apartments only takes 20 minutes on foot.

  • Hosteria dei Cavalieri Restaurant

It just takes 13 minutes by car to reach this restaurant located 5.6km from Rhodes Marina.

If you don’t mind walking a distance of 2km for 24 minutes, you will find yourself at the threshold of this hotel.

  • Kokkini Porta Rossa Hotel

Situated 1.8km from the marina, you can reach this hotel on foot within 22 minutes.

  • Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel

A 17-minute drive is all it takes to check out this hotel with a distance of 6.3km from Rhodes Marina.

  • Star Hotel

Only a kilometer away from the marina, you will find yourself at the doors of the Star Hotel after 12 minutes of a relaxing stroll.

  • Ta Kardasia Restaurant

Prepare to drive for 20 minutes to grab some delish meals at this restaurant located 6.7km from Rhodes Marina.


If you ever find yourself wandering the island of Rhodes, you would surely appreciate the fact that Rhodes Marina is very accessible.

  • It only takes a 7-minute walk to reach the main street from the dock.
  • You can also find a taxi stand open 24 hours across the road outside Rhodes Marina.
  • Rhodes town’s local bus terminal is connected to the main villages, beaches, and sites of the island like Lindos. The terminal is only approximately 300 meters away from the berths for yachts.
  • Many banks and ATM cashpoints are also located in the town close to the pier for yachts.
  • There is a safe parking area located in the marina although you might want to ask the base manager regarding the best spots to leave your vehicle.
  • There are hot water showers, toilets, and WC available close to the office that is only a 5-minute stroll from the berths for boats.

Main Events Near Rhodes Marina

Families with kids, couples and singles will surely have a great time at Rhodes Marina. The place is also ideal for those who seek tranquility.

Nightlife fans will also appreciate the marina. The marina is also close to the beaches, nautical sports, and business areas. Many people also appreciate the architectural design of the marina.

Whether you want to live your life in luxury or you are more into budget planning, you can be sure that Rhodes Marina will cater to your needs and demands.


The harbor has two supermarkets that operate 7 days weekly from 7:30 in the morning to 9 in the evening during the summer season. You can find almost everything you need here. Provisioning lists are also accepted in Rhodes, and more shopping opportunities await you in the nearby market square.

rhodes marinas piers


There are several restaurants, taverns, and cafes that are either in the area of Marina , either within easy walking distance of the market square and ancient town. 

A couple of the best Greek traditional restaurants or taverns on the island are located in remote villages approximately 7 to 16 kilometers southwest of the town.


The prevailing wind in the area blows from the northwest or west from May to October at Force 4-6B. When your bearing is towards the island of Kos and after you have passed Symi island’s Turkish cape West, the winds are often calmer blowing from north or northeast sometimes.


Be careful of the shallow waters and rocks on the northern part of the port entrance. It is recommended to drop most of the chain in the chain locker to ensure that the anchor of the boat won’t get stuck to the big and heavy chain of the mooring lines submerged to the dock parallel at the distance of 30 meters or 90 feet. The waters at this part are 20 meters deep and a diver might be necessary to help free your anchor.

Contact Phone Numbers

The following are some of the important emergency phone numbers you might need if you ever find yourself in Rhodes Marina:

  • Municipality of Rhodes: +30 (0) 2241046200
  • Offices of the Greek National Tourism Organization: +30 (0) 2241044330
  • Police Station: +30 (0) 2241027506
  • Port of Rhodes: +30 (0) 2241022220; +30 (0) 2241028666
  • Rhodes General Hospital: +30 (0) 2241080000

Tourist Police Station: +30 (0) 2241027423