Seven Springs – An Actual Oasis of Rhodes Island

Rhodes is among those Greek islands that have been capturing the attention of people across the globe for many centuries. You will never run out of things to do in Rhodes mainly because the island was able to preserve most of the remains of its interestingly unique past. Seven Springs is among the most charming places to visit offering a magical and cool landscape. An actual oasis that endures even the hot summer months.

Seven Springs in greek means Epta Piges. This place is not just naturally and physically beautiful as it is also considered as a notably romantic place. It means that if you are visiting the island with your loved one or special someone, you might want to visit here to just bask in its beauty and romance. The park can be accessed from all of the island’s main points because there is an existing road here. The whole area boasts of tranquility and is filled with lush woodlands. Aside from enjoying the romance-filled surroundings, the visitors of the place also love to drink the springs’ refreshing water.

Seven Springs’ area is also part of Natura 2000 together with the protected zones of Butterfly Valley and Mt. Profitis Elias. This is where you can meet lots of unique native animals like an endangered species fish called Ghizani or a freshwater crab.

waterfalls of seven springs

Discover and Explore the Beauty Through History

The place offers a fascinating retreat in the Mediterranean greens’ sheer lavishness. All throughout the year, water is flowing out of 7 Springs that forms a tiny lake. This lake is constantly replenished courtesy of the dam that is located on the other side of the hill. The lake as well as the dam were all part of an irrigation system built by the Italians during their sovereignty on the island. They did this in order to provide fresh water to Kolympia, a nearby settlement full of cultivated lands. 

Things to Do in Seven Springs

 The amazing scenery of the place is that one things that makes the park stunningly breathtaking. There are lots of things to do and see here because the park is nestled in the wooded area. This is the perfect place for having a picnic although you can also consider going on some refreshing hikes. You will also find a gorge here cutting its way through this park with springs and waterfalls dotting the property.

It makes the place an idyllic setting you will surely enjoy throughout your stay on this island. You can also consider going on hikes through one of the numerous trails. But if you are not up for hikes, you can just look for a quiet and serene spot where you can relax and sit and just take in everything around you.

Out of the many places to visit in Rhodes and things to do in Rhodes, the 7 Springs definitely deserves a spot in your must-visit destinations on the island! Don’t miss out the chance and prepare yourself for a charming retreat.

Go Hiking in the Forest

If you are looking for a way to connect with nature, one of the best ways to do this is to walk in the forest. There are a lot of scenic walking trails nearby and you can also take a stroll along the line of towering pine trees and just take in the fresh air of the area. In the area you will meet a lot of colorful peacocks as well as many kinds of native birds.

Walk through the Tunnel

If you are looking for some adventure, you can embark on a walk through the dark and narrow tunnel with a length of 186 meters to reach the lake. The dark tunnel mentioned earlier makes the experience more fun and thrilling. This established in 1931 will lead you to the river Loutanis to the lake and the water of the 7 springs. Nothing is as exciting as the experience of walking through this dark tunnel as fresh water touches your feet. Of course, this isn’t something recommended for those with claustrophobia. Don’t worry if you are claustrophobic because there is an alternative route in the form a walking path that will take you the lake.

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Cool Yourselves at the Lake

Whatever is your preferred way, it just takes a 5 το 10 minute walk to reach the lake. The access  is a unique experience in itself and is well-known among visitors. The lake is the perfect place to cool down of the summer heat. Once you find a spot to sit, you can enjoy cool shade and the sound of water. Not to mention all the birds, fish and bugs you might see!

Do not Miss the Waterfall

Lots of visitors walk back to the parking area right after they get out of the tunnel. Remember to follow the signs and just 200 meters further you will meet the dam. The waterfalls are refreshing and keep the area cool. Thanks to their beautiful sound and refreshing temperature they will make you feel at peace with yourselves, inside or out! Take some photos for your Instagram page and walk back!

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Have Lunch At the Restaurant

There is a cozy taverna in the area as well where you can unwind and relax right in the midst of the beauty of nature. The restaurant with the homonymous name is located in the middle of the park and combines fresh air, tasty food, and cool enviroment. There are both indoor seating as well as outdoor seating along the stream. You can enjoy your souvlaki while a bunch of peacocks wandering around you… Highly recommended!


Seven Springs' Restoration

Since 2016 the park has been at a neglected state, but now is restored to its former glory.

The local authorities have cleaned the tunnel of brought stones, they filled the lake with fresh water and re-engraved the walking paths. We’re so grateful to have the lake of seven springs back!

How to Get to Seven Springs

7 Springs is found between the villages of Archipoli and Kolymbia that is on the island’s eastern side. You can even choose to drive there yourself but based on your current location on the island, you can also ride a bus or taxi. 

East Coast

Take the Rhodes-Lindos avenue and turn to the direction of Archipoli village when meet the Kolimpia crossroad.

West Coast

Drive the Ialisos-Katavia street and turn to the direction of Dimilia village at Soroni ‘s crossroad. Continue crossing the island, passing the villages of Dimilia, Eleousa and Arhipoli. 4 km before reach the Kolimpia s crossroad you will see the sign of Seven Springs.

7 Springs is a free attraction that visited by hundred tourists every day. This is why plan your visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Do you believe worth it a visit to Epta Piges? Have you already been there? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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