6 Best Places to Watch Sunset in Rhodes island

Rhodes, the mystical Greek island, has been capturing the hearts of many people for all good reasons. The island is one of the perfect destinations you can visit if you want to explore ancient sites, indulge in gastronomic delights, and of course, watch the majestic sun as it sets in the sparkling seas. This short guide will take you to the most popular vantage places where you can watch the sunset in Rhodes.

Make sure to visit them to hone your photography skills, relax after a long day of sightseeing, or better yet, propose to your special someone!

sunset at monolithos castle

Where to Watch the Sunset in Rhodes island?

The moment the sun begins to set over the Aegean, there are lots of exciting standpoints to enjoy the scenic twilight views in Rhodes. You can watch the sunset in Rhodes in the following spots:

1. Acropolis of Rhodes (Monte Smith)

The Acropolis of Rhodes perched on top of Monte Smith Hill is one of the perfect examples of architecture from  ancient Greece. Experiencing twilight in this historic acropolis is something you will surely treasure for a lifetime. It is the most well-preserved and complete ancient complex on Rhodes island. This citadel situated on Rhodes Town’s western outskirts has several temple complexes, an ancient theatre, a library, and a stadium right within its premises.

Since the Acropolis borders the archipelago’s west coast, this makes it the prime spot to watch the glorious views of the sunset over the Aegean Sea. The most ideal spot to explore the acropolis during twilight is none other than the Temple of Apollo, which is the most elevated area of the ancient fortification.

Despite not being fully excavated yet, the site is already stunning even with just the ruins of the imposing temples and the rest of the sacred buildings. 

sunset view from monte smith

2. Psaropoula

Psaropoula is the long beach of the island’s western coast that begins right after the Aquarium in the premises of Rhodes Town. Extends along the Kanaris Coast, Miaoulis Coast, Kalymnos Coast, and Leros Coast. Psaropoula is the old name of the better organized and central part of the area.

Just like the rest of the town’s long beaches, different parts of Psaropoula also have different names. As if each one was a separate beach, often taking the names of a tavern or a hotel located in that specific area. The well-organized beach of Psaropoula attracts many people as this is one of the great spots to watch the sunset in Rhodes while lounging under umbrellas or on the sunbeds. There are also various sea sports you can try at the beach.

Since the beach is located right within Rhodes Town, you can easily reach it by taxi or public bus and by rented motorbikes or private cars. If your accommodation is close enough, it would only take a short stroll to reach the beach.

diagoras statue

3. Filerimos Hill

Filerimos Hill is another wonderful site to go to not only during daytime but especially so at twilight to watch the sunset in Rhodes. You will surely feel the spiritual aura of the area while walking down the Cavalry Route to the big cross. This is the best place to be not just to enjoy the stunning sunset show with your eyes as it is also great for replenishing your soul.

When approaching the viewpoint, the big cross is the first thing that will impress you standing at 17.8 meters. You can also see the airport runway where airplanes land and take off, complete with the panoramic view of Rhodes Town, Ixia, and Ialyssos.

The hill is the best spot to watch the cities transition from day to night with the peacocks’ mating cries serving as strange but unique background sounds.

4. Kritinia Castle

Ever wondered how the Venetians watched the sunset in Rhodes during their stay on the island? If yes, be sure to check out Kritinia Castle.

The Knights of St. John built Kritinia Castle in 1472. This derelict castle sits atop a hill that towers above the neighboring Kritinia village. The castle was once of extreme strategic value during the Ottoman Turks’ attempt of conquering Rhodes because of the surroundings’ panoramic views and its proximity to the Aegean Sea.

If you are looking for an ideal sunset spot in Rhodes, nothing beats Kritinia Castle. The olive groves that line the coast, the idyllic village of Kritinia, and the distant islands on the horizon all over the perfect backdrop when the gorgeous sun starts setting over the ruins of the castle.

kritinia castle

5. Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle is the highest vantage point for watching Rhodes sunsets. During the Middle Ages, the castle served as an important fortress because of its location on the steep cliff slope that stands at a height of 100 meters.

Since it was never sieged at all, the structure continues to be relatively well-preserved through the years. The castle towers above the sea on the island’s west coast and you can go hiking to the ruins through the walking trail built for that purpose.

The Aegean Sea, the rugged coastline, and the ruins of this once-majestic stronghold are often covered in golden light when the sun starts setting on the horizon. You can also check out a couple of white plastered chapel ruins that give you an amazing view of the nearby landscapes.

sunset at monolithos castle

6. Prasonisi

Prasonisi Lighthouse found at the tip of the namesake peninsula is another favored vantage place. The solitary lighthouse amid the rather desolate land is the perfect spot for taking dramatic photos of the landscape.

Although Prasonisi continues to attract sunseekers and waters sports enthusiasts to its waves and laidback beaches, this is also a gorgeous spot at twilight. Just make sure that you check the tides information first before catching the sunset close to the lighthouse because you can only access the peninsula during low tide.

F.A.Q. about sunset spotting in Rhodes island

Where to Watch Sunset in Rhodes Old Town

Sadly, sunset watching from the Old Town is impossible as the place is located in the east side of the town. The closest places to reach for this purpose is either Psaropoula beach, either Monte Smith hill.

What Time Does The Sun Sets in Rhodes in October?

As daytime gets shorter day by day, sunset time is approximately at 17:00 in October.

Can you See the Sunset in Lindos?

Lindos village is located in the east side of the island. This is the reason sunset watching is impossible and why it is one of the best places to watch sunrise in Rhodes island. You need to reach the west coast for this. Ideal places near Lindos are the castles of Monolithos or Kritinia.

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