Ghizani Fish – A champion of survival

Ghizani fish is a tiny cyprinoid with maximum length of 10 to 12 centimeters. But, the Ghizani fish found in nature often has a length of only 3 to 5 centimeters. The fish has a weight of several grams with silver grey color that is lighter on the belly portion and darker on the back side.

ghizani fish

The name of Ghizani fish, or Ladigesocypris ghigii, was inspired by an Italian professor, called Alessandro Ghigi. Ghigi was responsible for the discovery of this fish species on Rhodes Island back in 1926. During his Italian mission and the study of the Dodecanese islands’ fauna that he directed.

An Endangered Species

Ghizani fish is among Europe’s most endangered species of freshwater fish and is under the protection of both Greek and European Legislation. This is because one of the populations of the fish at Lake Nani has become extinct not too long ago.

It has been listed as a top priority endangered species in the Annex II of the European Union Directive for Habitats Protection (92/43/EEC). As well as in the Red Book of Endangered Species of Greece. This is also under the protection of the Greek State’s Presidential Decree No 67/1981.

The Habitat of Ghizani Fish

Its habitat is found on most of the reservoirs, springs and streams of the island. The populations of Ghizani fish have also been recorded in the streams of Butterfly Valley in Theologos, the Argiros and Loutanis Rivers in Psinthos village, in Apolakkia’s artificial lake, in Aghia Eleoussa’s artificial reservoir, in Rodini park of Rhodes town as well as in the streams on the western side of the island.

ghizani fish


Method of Survival of Ghizani fish

This fish can have an average lifespan. Living in the wild for a maximum of 3 years, and eats insect larvae, aquatic invertebrates and algae. It can thrive and survive in both the high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures.

Ghizani fish prefers water that flows slowly and has the tendency to hide under the roots of riparian and aquatic plants, by the banks or among rocks and algae. The fish can reproduce in segments during early summer and spring seasons and produce many larvae.

You may didn ‘t know it, but Ghizani can be considered as the Lilliputian champion of survival as it can manage to live in the very unstable environment of streams in Rhodes Island that often flood during the months of winter but with most of their length drying up once the dry months arrive.


Their Role in the Real Estate in Rhodes

Ghizani fish may seem small but they actually play an important role on the real estate market of Rhodes Island. Majority of social research shows that valuable real estate goes together with a health-affirming and natural quality of life.

As far as choosing the location for your home is concerned, people tend to be attracted to places of sublime landscapes and beauty that heal the mind, spirit and body that cannot be achieved with anything else.

The preservation of Ghizani fish and other wildlife in the area is a critical indication of the island’s environmental prosperity. This pretty much explains why Rhodes is a famous choice as an excellent destination for families.

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