Koskinou Village – A Fantasy Village Come to Life

Have you ever dreamed of being whisked away in a place that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale? Well, this is exactly what you will feel the moment you set foot on Koskinou Village. This attractive village is every photographer’s dream. It is not even a surprise that this is Rhodes second most photographed destination next to Lindos. You can see it grazing the pages of coffee table magazines that make it on top of the bucket list of many travelers from all over the world.

Located only 7 kilometers from the capital of the island, this hilltop village is a true hidden gem in every sense of the word. With modern residential areas surrounding it, you might find the village ordinary at first. But, as you continue walking down its winding streets leading you to the preserved spot of the ancient town, you will find yourself right in the middle of an enticing maze of buildings with popping vibrant colors. This is what makes Koskinou Village charming. It makes you feel like you have entered a completely different world.

Discover a Colorful World Like No Other

The narrow cobbled paths in the village are lined with neoclassical houses painted in all colors of the rainbow. These paths will take you to the central square which is the very heart of the village. While every home is worthy of admiration, the features that will catch your attention are none other than the doors.

Every door is one of a kind. The awesome entrances have been made out of ornately carved stone arches, all of which hold a heavy door made from wood. Most of these magical portals will lead you straight to a storybook courtyard filled with jasmine trees, fuchsia bougainvillea, and Mediterranean flowers with their captivating fragrances filling the air. Koskinou is truly a treat for all your senses.

A Modern Take of the Bygone Years

This quirky town boasts of ancient roots in spite of the contemporary development made in the surrounding neighborhood. The small settlement is among the oldest you can find in the island. Based on the preserved Byzantine coins as well as other artefacts, it seems like it was already established even before 15th century came. You will find traces of its history in all nooks and corners as you roam around the town.

While the fresh paint coats make the vibrant facades look brand new, centuries-old traditions were used for building the traditional houses of the village. The indoor and outdoor floors of these houses are often covered with white and black pebble mosaics adorned with Rhodian motifs known as hohlaki. These decorations are a stark but beautiful contrast against the lively colors. Inside the traditional houses are walls covered in hand-woven textile hangings and intricately painted ceramic dishes.

Koskinou Village is no doubt one of the best destinations not only in Rhodes but also in Greece as a whole. Private tours in Rhodes will surely be incomplete if you don’t get the chance to visit this fairy tale-like village.

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