Halki Island Guide – Things to Do and Places to Visit

Have you always imagined yourself walking in a secluded beach surrounded by nature’s beauty in perfect tranquility? Well, don’t miss the chance to visit Halki Island.

Halki or also called Chalki is a wonderful island found in the Aegean Sea. With the island remaining untouched by commercialism and mass tourism, there is no doubt that this is the best place to be if you want ultimate relaxation and peace of mind.

Read this quick guide to know more about Chalki Island!

History of Halki Island

The rich history of the island dates back to 10th to 5th century inhabited by Phoenicians, Dorians, Pelasgis, and Kares that lived there at different eras. There were 30 municipalities in the island and in the early stage of Peloponnesian War 412 B.C., it joined hands with Rhodes Island. There were 7,000 people feeding off the island during the ancient times, with two wheat crops cultivated yearly in tiny fields. Copper was found in Halki and historians claim that it explains the name of the island because copper is halkos in Greek.


Halki’s populationa started to diminish, falling down to only 200. At the same time, the gorgeous houses of Emborio were ruined as well. The Greeks who came from the island didn’t forget their roots.  They sent back money from the countries where they emigrated to help construct roads and restore buildings.

Today, there are only 250 residents in Halki who are working with tourism that is now starting to thrive with the development of proper infrastructure. The island is currently known as the center of friendship and peace.

boats at the port of halki island


Tourism is the primary industry of the island although fishing is substantial as well. The island virtually has no supply of water and large cisterns are used for collecting rainfall. The drinking water in the island comes all the way from Rhodes although shortages can happen during hot months of summer because of the increased population. A desalination plant was constructed on Chalki as of 2014 so the water boat doesn’t come every few days anymore. But, bottled water is still brought to the island.

δημοτικο σχολειο χαλκης

How to Get to Halki Island

You can reach Halki by ferry from Piraeus, Athens with available routes for about three times a week. But, take note that this trip will last approximately 20 hours. Halki is also connected with Crete by ferry and routes from Sitia and Heraklion ports are carried out thrice a week.

There are also easier ways to get there. There are direct flights from Athens to Rhodes airport that takes about 50 minutes. Since the small island of Chalki doesn’t have an airport, getting to Rhodes by plane is the most convenient alternative for you. From there, you can go to Kamiros Skala port to take one of the ferries to Chalki. During the summer months there are frequent boat trips so you won’t need to wait for a long time. It’s going to take you about half an hour to get from the airport to Kamiros Skala, and about 40 minutes to travel from kamiros Skala port to Halki.

Best Time to Visit Halki Island

The month of May through November is the best time to visit Halki Island when you can enjoy a warm or pleasant temperature with little to no rainfall.

Halki island port
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Things to Do in Halki Island

  • Grab a bite of traditional Greek cuisine.

Greek cuisine is the prime proof of how healthy and mouthwatering Mediterranean cooking can be. Many areas in Greece base their cuisine on available foods and Chalki is definitely not an exception.

  • Watch the mythical sunset.

Legend has it that Hecate and Zeus watched the sun set at the back of Paleo Horeo as they sit on the pair of thrones hewn on the rock right on the very spot where you can find the castle today. You can enjoy the same view by taking a walk down the cobbled pathway starting from the village.

sunset at halki island
  • Explore the gorgeous beaches.

Chalki is definitely the best place to be for all beach lovers who want to get their fix. It is the perfect spot for a relaxing and peaceful session under the sun with smaller crowds compared to the more popular beaches found on other islands.

  • Wander through the streets.

Among the best things to do in such a small island like Chalki is going for a stroll and exploring how life is in the place. As you walk along the main harbor, grab the chance to admire the old Italian manor houses, spend time shopping, and hop from one boutique to another.

halki island harbor view

Places to Visit in Halki Island

  • Church of Agios Nikolaos

This is an imposing church nestled in Nimborio village that stands out because of its majestic bell tower and white and the gorgeous white and black pebble mosaic courtyard. A small church museum can also be found inside the church.

  • Kania Beach

Kania Beach is secluded from others and offers amazing service, excellent food, and crystal clear waters. This gorgeous beach doesn’t have those unnecessary fancy things but it got everything to help you relax and just enjoy listening to the calming sound of the ocean.

  • Meseoniko Kastro

This stunning castle overlooks Aegean’s endless blue, making it worthy to visit. Aside from the castle’s magical landscape, you can also view the abandoned medieval village.

  • Ftenagia Beach

This rocky cove with its dazzling turquoise waters is found at the back of the picturesque Agi Aikaterini Church. It has crystal clear blue green water with a very beautiful and nice seabed. Ftenagia Beach might be rocky with pebbles yet going there is quite easy.

pondamos beach
  • The Clock Tower

This beautiful building dominates Chalki’s port and serves as the landmark of the whole island. This is something hard to miss once you arrive at Chalki. It is imposing and emblematic found right beside the town hall to create the perfect combination.

  • Town Hall

The Town Hall is a stunning building that boasts of exceptional beauty and architecture. It lights up at night that makes it even more gorgeous. It is right next to the clock tower, making the two buildings a beautiful combination.

  • Pondamos Beach

The shallow and clear waters in Potamos Beach are great for adults and small kids alike. It just takes 10 minutes from the port complete with a restaurant and sun loungers, making it an ideal getaway spot for families.

pondamos beach

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