Rhodes Island for Kids – What to Do with Children in Rhodes Island

Rhodes island is an ideal holiday destination for kids and the whole family. It offers all sorts of entertainment for young and old alike. Being the biggest out of all islands in Dodecanese islands group, you can be sure that there is no shortage of exciting things to do and try in Rhodes. If you are traveling with the whole family, including the kids, it only makes sense that you will want to focus on activities that all members of the family will love and enjoy. If you wonder of what to do with children in Rhodes island take a look the checklist below!

Have Fun at the Slides in Faliraki Water Park

After you spend the day at the Faliraki Beach, head out to the water park to get a change of pace. This waterpark is one of the biggest ones in Europe. Therefore, you can be sure that there are enough of activities here that will entertain the entire family. Everyone will surely fall in love with the different attractions in the water park, such as the tame water slides and the ones that can give you an adrenaline rush.

More info at www.water-park.gr

water slides at faliraki waterpark

Discover Marine Life in Aquarium

If your kids are amazed and curious about marine life and want to learn more about it, the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes! Also known as Rhodes Aquarium, this is another place worth your visit. The exhibits here appeal to all visitors whatever their age might be. This also offers a great way for you to get a glimpse of the exciting marine life that thrives in the waters that surround the island and in other parts of Greece. In spite of the small size of the Rhodes Aquarium, there are still lots of things to see here that will catch the interest of people.

More info at rhodes-aquarium.hcmr.gr

aquarium of rhodes town

Explore Rhodes Old Town

A visit to the Old Town in Rhodes’ main city is something appealing to kids and adults alike. Children in particular love knights stories because of that mysterious vibe that they gives off. To help awaken their imagination, try to learn more about the island’s medieval history so it will be easier for you to explain the facts to them while taking a stroll on the streets. They will surely have a fun time as they try to imagine the way of life in the island back then. You might also want to schedule a guided tour for your family for everyone to be more familiar with the area.

grand magister palace in rhodes old town

Enjoy Water Sports in Tsambika Beach

On the halfway to Lindos you meet Tsambika beach. A visit is definitely something to do with children in Rhodes island. The beach offers a long list of fun opportunities with the availability of a plethora of water sports. The waters in the beach deepen very slowly although it might not be as shallow as the one you can find on other beaches. There are also several beach bars, canteens and restaurants in the area that make this location an attractive destination for families.

water park at tsambika beach

Be Up Close and Personal with Nature in Eleousa

Situated in the verdant foothills of Profitis Ilias or Mount Profitis Elias, you will find Eleousa. Yu will definitely appreciate the lush green nature, the relaxing environment and the sumptuous food available in the local taverns.

Upon getting there, there are plane trees that surround a small village. This is right in the middle of one of the island’s most verdant parts that offer pure and fresh country air that blends well with running waters and their purling sound. A big round cistern can be found several hundred meters to the mountain. That serves as the home to koi fish and a big population of the local protect fish species, the Ghizani fish.

sightseeing at agia eleousa during private island tour

Visit and Explore the Beaches

Aside from the rich history of Rhodes, the place is also renowned for its lovely beaches. But, some of these beaches are much better and more suitable for families than the rest. The most ideals among them are the Faliraki, Tsambika and Lindos ones. All of them are family-friendly because of their fairly shallow and calm water. Also, dotted with some nearby restaurants on top of the services you can enjoy.  The only thing sure here is that whatever beach you decide to visit, the kids and the whole family will definitely have a wonderful time.

lindos beach

Satisfy the Kids’ Palate with Local Delicacies

Last, but definitely not least of what to do with children in Rhodes is to taste the traditional foods. Most of the local dishes in the area are guaranteed to make kids squeal in delight.

One of these dishes is pastitsio, a macaroni dish baked with a layer of bechamel sauce and minced lamb.

Gemista is also a crowd favorite, composed of rice-stuffed vegetables, typically sweet peppers and tomatoes. Then, keftedakia which is the tiny version of meatballs.

Pitaroudia is made from tomatoes, finely chopped peppermint, onions and flour then fried in hot oil.

Kids will also have a fun time trying tzatziki, a type of dip or sauce made from garlic, yogurt and cucumber.

Beside the foods there lots of delicacies too. For sweet treats, you can choose from galaktoboureko, a type of pastry filled with custard; loukoumadhes, which are doughnuts shapped like a ball served with cinnamon and honey; politico pagoto, a kind of ice cream of Constantinople style made with mastic; and of course melekouni, a special healthy local sweet that is made mainly of sesame and honey.

melekouni sweet

Don’t be fooled by the small size of Rhodes Island as it offers huge experiences for the whole family. Try any of the best things to do with children in Rhodes Island and have the most fun activities of your lifetime!




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