Diagoras of Rhodes – The Boxing Legend and His Remarkable Heritage

Diagoras of Rhodes was a towering figure in the world of boxing during ancient times. Born in the 5th century BC to a noble family, his father Damagetus was a descendant of the kings of Ialyssos, while his mother was the daughter of Aristomenis, a Messenian hero. 

Diagoras’ physical attributes were impressive, standing tall and stocky. He was known for his fearless approach to boxing, never covering himself to avoid his opponents’ blows. He combined his great physical strength with his virtuous character, never violating the rules of the contest and always being nice and honest. His fighting style mesmerized the crowds, and he became a fan favorite.

diagoras of rhodes is carried by his two sons

Diagoras Of Rhodes Children

Diagoras’ family heritage and upbringing shaped his character and fighting style, which captivated boxing enthusiasts of his time. He is considered as the father of the most awarded family in the history of the Olympic Games.

Despite his impressive accomplishments, his’ greatest joy came from seeing his sons follow in his footsteps. Diagoras had three sons and a daughter, and all were talented athletes. His oldest son, Damagetos, was an Olympic champion who won the pankration in 452 and 448 BC. His second son, Akousílaos, won the boxing championship in 448 BC. When both sons achieved their victories, they celebrated by carrying their father around the stadium on their shoulders, cheered on by the spectators.

However, it was Diagoras’ youngest son, Dorieus, who became even more successful than his brothers. Dorieus also won an Olympic gold medal, but he did so in two different events, boxing and pankration. Dorieus’ remarkable achievement made him the only athlete in ancient history to win two separate Olympic events.

Diagoras Of Rhodes Death

Die, Diagoras; you will not ascend to Olympus

During Diagoras’ triumphant ovation on the shoulders of his sons, a spectator shouted, “Die, Diagoras; you will not ascend to Olympus.” The meaning behind the spectator’s words was that Diagoras had achieved the highest level of glory in his life, and the gods would not allow him to attain any more success. However, this only added to the legend of himself, and his legacy continues to live on.

In the early 19th century, near the Turkish resort town of Marmaris was discovered a tomb that believed to be of Diagoras. It is believed to have been built in the fourth century BC, shortly after Diagoras’ death. The tomb is a small pyramidal building on a hill with an inscription in Greek, which not only referred to him, but also to his wife Aristomache. The inscription features a quote stating: “I will be vigilant at the very top so as to ensure that no coward can come and destroy this tomb.”

diagoras of rhodes on the shoulders of his sons before he dies

Diagoras Heritage

Diagoras remains an important historical figure in modern times and his name lives on in various ways,. One of the most prominent examples of his legacy is the “Diagoras” Stadium. A sports arena located in the heart of the city that hosts a variety of athletic events, including football and track and field competitions. In addition to the stadium, there is a local football team called “Diagoras F.C.” that plays in the regional leagues of Greece. 

Furthermore, the international airport of Rhodes has also his name. The “Diagoras International Airport” is the primary airport for the island of Rhodes and serves millions of travelers each year. Besides the Airport and the Stadium, various hotels and restaurants of the island named after him. 

Lastly, there is a statue that stands at the entrance to the town of Rhodes. The statue depicts Diagoras with his two Olympic champion sons on his shoulders, as they were famously carried around the stadium in celebration of their victories.

diagoras of rhodes statue carried at the entrance to the Rhodes town

Diagoras of Rhodes was more than just a boxing legend; he was a model of virtuous character and an inspiration to his children and future generations. His legacy as a father, athlete, and human being is a testament to the power of determination, discipline, and dedication.

F.A.Q About Diagoras

How Many Victories Did Diagoras Win?

Diagoras achieved numerous victories in various ancient Greek sporting events, including twice in the Olympic games, four times in the Isthmian games, twice in the Nemean games, and at least once in the Pythian games. His exceptional record made him one of the most celebrated boxers in history.

When Was Diagoras of Rhodes Born?

The exact date of Diagoras’ birth is not known, as there are no surviving records of his birthdate. However, it is believed that he was born in the 5th century BCE, as he was active as a boxer during the mid to late 5th century BCE.

How Did Diagoras of Rhodes Die?

There is no definitive answer to how Diagoras of Rhodes died, as there are no surviving records of his death. The most popular legend refers that he died peacefully in old age, carried by his two sons. However, there is no way to verify these accounts, and the exact circumstances of his death remain unknown. Regardless of how he died, Diagoras of Rhodes remains one of the most famous boxers in the history of sports.

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