While Faliraki is known as Rhodes’ liveliest of resorts where all the party is at, it also has more to offer to those who don’t just want to party for their Greek getaway. What follows in this article are the top 10 things to do in Faliraki that make it a favorite among Rhodes island visitors. But before that, some information about Faliraki itself.

faliraki main square

Faliraki at a Glance

Faliraki in Rhodes Island is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination that caters to all types of travelers with different needs and tastes. For certified beach holiday lovers, this small city is located 14 kilometers south of the capital of the island that boasts of calm water and a coast covered in golden sand. The name may be derived from the Greek word “phalara” meaning ‘cave‘. In the 1970s Faliraki was a famous destination for hippies and is still popular to youngsters.

Active tourists will never get bored during their stay in Faliraki. Since the start of the 21st century, this town has been continuously seeing new night clubs and restaurants that light up the area after dark.

Being a young Greek resort, Faliraki is perfect for people who want to have a comfortable stay complete with all the necessary amenities. A few thousand people inhabit the city and they are blessed with the chance of waking up to the soothing sounds of the Mediterranean Sea every morning.

Faliraki is often dubbed as the pearl of Rhodes Island. It serves as the home to chic restaurants, bustling cafes, a huge water park, and some of Greece’s best shopping centers. In spite of being quite young, you can also explore several historical sites in the area.

Best Things to Do in Faliraki

Visit Faliraki Beaches

kathara beach

Faliraki beaches are easily the number one choice if you are on the search for a great beach throughout the island. With their crystal clear waters, golden sands and the convenient location stand out from all the others. There are also some ones with rocks that often serve as natural sunshades for those who enjoy the beach scenery.

Between them the most popular is the main beach of Faliraki. This is one of the blue flag awarded beaches of Rhodes island that stands out for the excellent coastal protection and superior quality of bathing water. Also, there are the beaches of Galazio, Kathara, Mandomata (nudist) and the well known Anthony Quinn and Ladiko.

Sure, the beaches can get really crowded and busy, which is expected as one of the island’s most popular beaches. This is also hardly surprising with all the things you can do here. You will surely stay busy trying all the different watersports options here, from jet skiing to a fun banana boat ride with your whole family. You can even try bungee jumping for the ultimate adrenaline rush.


Spend Your Day at Faliraki Water Park

water slides at faliraki waterpark

Faliraki Water Park is one of Europe’s largest water parks that cover an impressive area of 100,000 square meters. The park is open from the months of May to October every year. There are lots of fun rides to try here, including black hole, free-fall, kamikaze, turbo, and many other extreme speed slides.

Of course, there is also a lazy river if you would rather spend a more peaceful and calming day out. Offering something for all ages, the water park is definitely one of the top attractions in Faliraki.

Embark on Boat Trips

You can also choose from the wide selection of available boat trips from Faliraki that will take you to many other spots on the island. In fact, there are boat trips that will even take you to other islands for that matter.

One of the popular boat trips goes to Symi, a Greek island that is a small fishing harbor surrounded by colorful houses. Boat trips to some of the best bays and coves of Rhodes are also great options for people who can never get enough of the island.

There are also evening fishing trips if you are staying in Faliraki and you want a more unique experience.

Go Horseback Riding

Watching the gorgeous Greek sun as it sets on the horizon while riding a horse is something that you will surely love to try during your stay in Faliraki. The Fivos Horseback Riding Club offers several greay trips yet their beach ride is no doubt the most popular. Not to mention that it also comes with a reasonable price.

If ever a beach ride is not your kind of thing, why not go on a 3-hour ride that will take you to Kallithea and the Lake of St. John? The club also offers riding lessons for beginners and people who need some quick refresher first before they join the trips.

Party the Night Away in Faliraki

faliraki nightlife

Bar Street, or technically named Ermou Street, is a place that definitely lives up to its name once nighttime falls in Faliraki. This is the very spot where the famous nightlife of Faliraki comes to life and this is actually what is Faliraki known for. This laneway is known for its famous reputation for decades as a notorious party strip although it has already toned down a bit for the past few years.

But, Bar Street continues to be the ultimate go-to spot for a night out as this is where you can find a selection of the best clubs and bars in town. From the large shisha pipes to huge cocktails, international DJs and karaoke, there are lots of places here that pump until the wee hours of the morning.

Indulge in the Beauty of Anthony Quinn Bay and Ladiko Bay

anthony quinn beach in rhodes island

Anthony Quinn Bay is one of Faliraki’s most stunning natural attractions. Its amazing underwater scenery and deep emerald-colored waters make this tiny cove even more attractive to visitors, located just 4 kilometers south of Faliraki. This small bay took its name from Anthony Quinn, the Hollywood actor who filmed the movie The Guns of Navarone in 1960 on the beach.

Once you are done exploring Anthony Quinn Bay, head over to Ladiko Bay. Ladiko located just some hundrend meters away. This beautiful beach took its name from the jar because it used to be the place where olive oil was loaded and unloaded. The scenic bay is a favorite stop of boat trips for taking a dive in the clear waters. Ladiko is also a popular place for rock climbing activities in the island of Rhodes.

Feel the Coolness of Profitis Amos

Profitis Amos Monastery

One of the most interesting things about this monastery is the restaurant. The monastery itself is a sixteenth century building which had been turned into a restaurant in 1996. The restaurant has a lovely view of Faliraki Bay and the surrounding mountains, and is surrounded by trees and vegetation. You will notice a family of peacocks which has been roaming around on the grounds for decades. No worries of the summer heat as the cypress trees shade guests from the sun. It’s an ideal place to eat, which makes it one of the best restaurants on Rhodes island.

Explore Faliraki Harbor and Agioi Apostoloi

faliraki harbor
church of St Apostoli in Faliraki harbor

Faliraki Harbor serves as the docking and mooring place for boats for many generations, with Faliraki’s calm waters keeping all vessels safe through the night. Cross the bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of the harbor.

While you are on the other side of the harbor, make sure to stop for a visit at the Agioi Apostoloi. The charming Greek Orthodox church found just right at the end of the pier is among the most picturesque religious places in the quaint town of Faliraki. The ceremonies and weddings are often held here makes the place attractive for those who want do their wedding in Rhodes island.

Bask in the View at Profitis Ilias Monastery

Probably one of the most magical experiences that you can ever have during your stay in Faliraki is to watch the sunset from a scenic spot like Profitis Ilias Chapel.

This is a wonderful experience that you can enjoy no matter what time of the year it might be as it takes you through a unique romantic walk to the bygone days to one of the highest points of the island. The most breathtaking views happen during the stunning sunset hour. You can also learn about the history and wildlife of the region while you trek along the winding paths through expansive meadows and olive groves.

Be in Awe at Astronomy Café

Astronomy Café is the building complex located in Faliraki consists of an observatory, apartments, and a café complete with a lovely garden. This is one of the top destinations you should never miss visiting if you find yourself in Faliraki.

The garden itself has an astronomy them with exhibits that guests can see. Such as a sculpture of Atlas, a solar clock, stone plaques with information on historical facts and stars, and many other interesting astronomical artefacts.

Astronomy Café is perfect not only for astronomy hobbyists and stargazers. But also for those who are after some unusual education experience during their stay in Faliraki. You can grab some snacks and drinks at the café that you can enjoy while basking in the hilltop view.

A visit to Faliraki is certainly of the must things to do in Rhodes island during your holidays there. Do you have any suggestion that missed of our checklist? Then, write it down in the comment section below and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

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