10+1 Things You May Didn’t Know About Kastellorizo Island

Kastellorizo or officially Megisti is the island that Greeks have a special connection to it, because it is their most remote island from the mainland and at the same time so close to the Turkish coastline. Despite its size, has nothing to envy of the others more famous Aegean sea islands. As by itself includes natural beauty, its morals and customs, hospitable people and a long history. Below, in our article, we list 11 not so well known information and facts about Kastelorizo island.

Facts About Kastellorizo Island

  1. It is the easternmost inhabited Greek island. It is located (in a straight line) 567 km or 352 miles from Piraeus and 126 km or 78 miles from Rhodes where the nearest port is.
  2. Kastellorizo has around 13 neighboring islands and islets. They are: Agios Georgios, Agrielea or Agrelia, Voutsakia, Megalo Mavropini, Mikro Mavropini, Polifados One, Polifados Two, Ro, Savoura, Stroggili, Tragonera or Dragonera, Psomi, Psoradia
  3. The highest point is the Mount of Vigla (273 meters).
  4. Blue Cave or Galazio Spileo is include in many travel guides around the world, as one of the rarest geological phenomena, concerning underwater caves.
inside the blue cave in kastellorizo island

5. Between 1900 and 1920, the population was over-exceeded the 12.000 people. Nowadays, the island population is just 492 people (according to the 2011 census)!

6. According to the greek-australian researcher Allan Cresswell, about 30.000 ”kassies” in origin live in Australia. The majority of them are descendants of natives who immigrated during the Italian occupation and the Asia Minor catastrophe.

7. Due to its geo-strategical position, Kastellorizo island was burned to the ground by bombing more than once during WW2.

8. The Oscar-winning film ‘’Mediterraneo’’ scenes were shot here. The movie highlighted the island in the worldwide tourism map.

movie filmed in kastellorizo island

9. On 2006, the British guitarist and singer David Gilmour released his 3rd album which its first track called ”Castellorizon”! After David Gilmour spent a night on the island, he was so excited that based his song on this. The song received two nominations for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the next Grammy Awards (49th and 51st).

david gilmour cd cover about about kastellorizo island

10. The ex-Prime Minister George Papandreou chose this place for his announcement of the activation of the support mechanism for the Greek economy by the EU and the IMF on April 22, 2010.


A special museum opened its doors in August 2020. The Museum of Riddles, which is the first museum of its kind in Greece and one of the few in the world. It expects to excite young and old with its riddles and puzzles.

μουσείο γρίφων στο καστελλόριζο

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  1. I remember stepping on the enchanting island of Kastellorizo, a slice of Greek paradise tucked away in the Mediterranean. As the ferry docked, I was immediately struck by the vibrantly coloured neoclassical houses fringing the coastline; it was like stepping into a postcard. Exploring further, I found the island to be a sanctuary of serene beauty and tranquillity, untouched by the hustle and bustle typical of more touristy destinations in Greece.

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