COVID19 update – Greek Goverment Updates Aviation Directives for International Flights and Domestic Travel

Last update: May 4th, 2022 The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority released a COVID19 update.  The new aviation directives extend restrictions on  international flights until May 14th. These restrictions are part of the Greek government’s efforts to control the spread of COVID19 in the country. Also, some of the most frequent questions get answered below as well as where you can find PCR COVID test in Rhodes.

As of May 1:

Travelers to Greece will be able to enter the country without presenting a digital covid certificate which indicates whether someone has been vaccinated against Covid-19, a recovery certificate or a negative test

Admission to restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and entertainment venues will be allowed to all. The vaccination certificate, test or proof of recovery requirement has been dropped

Mask wearing outdoors is no longer necessary




covid19 update

International flights

Greece welcome flights at all the airports around the country.

According to the updated COVID19 aviation directives, the listed below travel restrictions for international arrivals will be applied from March 15th at midnight:

1. Negative COVID19 test result 

All air travelers arriving in Greece must submit a negative COVID19 test result in one of the following:

– a vaccination certificate, stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19
– a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours)
– a certificate stating that one has recovered from the coronavirus

– a Digital COVID Certificate in digital or print form which will contain information on whether passengers have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have a negative PCR test result or have recovered from the virus.


May also randomly be requested to take a rapid COVID19 test upon entry. In case a passenger is selected for a rapid test and is positive then he/she must quarantine for a total of 14 days.

Read below where you can find PCR COVID test in Rhodes.

2. 7-day quarantine for all arrivals

All air passengers entering Greece from abroad, incl. European Union member states, must quarantine themselves for 7 days. Either at their home, either at the place of temporary residence declared on the submitted PLF.  If they are to stay in Greece for a shorter period of 7 days, the quarantine restriction is valid until their departure. Read below which countries exempt of the restriction.


The temporary ban of arrivals to Greece from outside the European Union has been recently updated too. Only citizens traveling for essential reasons from the following countries are counted out: EU & Schengen Area countries, Northern Macedonia, USA, UK, Canada, Bahrain, Israel, Serbia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, Kuwait, Ukraine, China, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Russian Federation. They also qualify for exemption from mandatory quarantine always considering that they have a negative PCR test and they have a vaccination certificate issued by a public authority (14 days to have gone by before the travel).

3. COVID19 rapid testing mandatory for arrivals from UK, UAE 

All passengers to Greece from the United Arab Emirates and the UK are obliged to take a rapid test for COVID19 upon arrival.

PLF no longer be required

The submission of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by all the incoming passengers to Greece  is no longer be required.
The directive also applies to Greek citizens or permanent residents of Greece who travel abroad. They are not obliged to complement the PLF form before their departure from Greece and present it at border checkpoints as used to.

Vaccination Certificates

Vaccines which have not been approved by the European Medicines Agency (Sputnik, Sinovac, etc.) also exempt visitors from the obligation of a negative PCR test.

What are the Acceptable Vaccines in Greece?

Astra Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson + Johnson, Novavax, Sinovac, Sputnik, Sinopharm

What are the Rules to Travel to the Greek Islands by ferry

Anyone who wish to travel domestically to the islands by ferry or plane must have one of the following:

– a vaccination certificate (stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19)
– a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours)
– a negative rapid antigen test taken 24 hours prior to travel
– a negative self-test taken 24 hours prior to travel.

What Are The Current COVID Restrictions in Rhodes?

1. Use Of Non-Medical Face Masks

The use of non-medical face masks is mandatory only indoors throughout Rhodes island as well as Greece. Exemptions are:

    1. The individuals for whom wearing a face mask is not recommended on account of their documented medical condition, e.g. respiratory problems
    2. All children under the age of four.

2. Transport

  1. Public transport means will run at 85% capacity and services will be limited.
  2. Tour buses and city sightseeing buses whether open-top or not will run at 85% capacity.
  3. Vehicles for public use (e.g. taxis, special hire vehicles) and private cars as well as private hire vehicles with a chauffeur may carry up to three (3) passengers in addition to the driver. An exception applies to adults with children who cannot remain at home under adult surveillance, and to individuals who are in need of a second passenger to aid them during their transport.
  4. Up to four (5) persons in addition to the driver can ride in double-cab pick- ups, mixed used vehicles and vans. This number may be higher if there are children on board who cannot remain at home under adult surveillance.
  5. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory for drivers, as single passengers, or when the other passengers are their spouses / partners and 1st and 2nd degree relatives.

3. Luggage Storage

Before you enter the luggage storage shop, it is preferable that you use a mask and make sure to sanitize your hands after touching any door handles and common objects. For those who travel in England, there is available luggage storage in London with Stasher if you need some help with your luggage.

4. Beaches/Umbrella Hiring/Beach Chairs services.

  1. Following an entrance check, up to eighty (80) individuals are allowed per 1000 m2 of beach area.
  2. Up to two (2) persons and chaise longues, or beach chairs are allowed per umbrella, with the exception of families.

5. Restaurants

  1. Any service are provided in outdoor spaces ONLY for non vaccinated people. Any service are provided indoors ONLY to vaccinated or person with a valid rapid test.  Music reproduction is allowed in low levels and all customers must be seated. An exception applies to restaurants, bars, and cafes operating in indoor hotel spaces and serving hotel guests only.
  2. An arrangement of tables and seats must be made as per the physical distancing & health protection guidelines in place.
  3. In bars and cafes, two customers may be seated on stools at the counter and a 1.5 m distance must be kept from the next customers.
  4. Customers waiting for a table must wear a face mask.
  5. Up to eight (8) individuals are seated per table.

6. Archaeological Sites and Museums

  1. Indoor cultural spaces remain closed
  2. Open-air spaces may be visited on the condition that
    • Visitors keep a 1.5 m physical distance from each other
    • One person is allowed per 10 m2 of space
    • Visitors enter in groups of up to three individuals, with the exception of families (spouses / partners and children)

Will There Be Tourist Activity Protocols?

In all tourist activities, including transportation and tourist visits to places of interest, only some small adjustments are going to will applied to the same protocols as in 2020. These protocols have proven to be effective, and will be subject to updates according to the current epidemiological conditions. Also, training material will be provided to all the businesses’ employees, in order to ensure the proper application of all safety and health measures against Covid19.

Read our company ‘s applied COVID19 safety and  health protocols.

PCR COVID Test in Rhodes

PCR COVID test in Rhodes are available in the following diagnostic centers:


  • RODOS MEDICAL CARE – (Krito Building) Metaxa Ioanni 3, Rhodes, Tel.: +30224103800
  • KAVADA IRENE – Konstandinou Idreou 30, Analipsi, Rhodes Tel.: +302241021120
  • ANTONIADI KLYTIA Ioannou Kazouli 14, Mandraki, Rhodes Tel.: +302241023444
  • MED LIFE – 7th km Rodou-Lindou, Tel.: +302241060282
  • EUROMEDICA GENERAL CLINIC –  Koskinou, Kallithea, Tel.: +30 22410 45000
  • AFANDOU ANALYSIS – Panormiti Ramou 53, Afandou, Tel.: +30 22410 53350
  • FOUTOULI-PAPANASTASOPOULOU MARIA – Arhaggelos, Tel.: +30 22440 24088
  • ZANETTOULIS DIMITRIOS – Pefkoi, Tel.: +30 22440 48567

What is the Cost of COVID Test in Rhodes?

The minimum cost of a PCR test is approximately 50,00euros while of a rapid one approximately 10,00euros.

There are also self tests available in pharmacies on the price of 6,00euros.


Check also a very user-friendly guide to Covid-19 travel restrictions worldwide —–>


NOTE: All of the measures are subject to change. Contact the authorities before any action of yours.

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