Rhodes Airport to
Princess Andriana Resort &Spa

Nestled in the charming locale of Kiotari, the Princess Andriana resort offers a tranquil, upscale retreat amidst lush gardens and breathtaking beach vistas. Guests can expect sophisticated accommodation, premium amenities, and exceptional hospitality throughout their stay. The resort features expansive swimming pools for relaxation and luxurious spa facilities for rejuvenation. Conveniently located approximately 56 km from Rhodes town or 59 from the airport. The drive from Rhodes airport to Princess Andriana resort Kiotari takes around 60-65 minutes by car, ensuring a seamless transition for guests seeking a blend of opulence and serenity.

Transportation Options


It’s one of the fastest ways, but relying on a taxi ride from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andrianna resort wouldn’t be wise. The airport can get pretty crowded, especially during busy travel times, and that often means long waits for taxis. Plus, the fares can be quite steep, usually ranging from 82 to 90 euros, which might end up putting a dent in your budget. Considering these factors, relying on taxis could lead to a stressful and expensive start to your journey. 

Public Bus

For travelers on a tight budget looking into transportation options in Rhodes, the public bus system emerges as the most viable solution. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that there isn’t a direct bus route from the airport to Kiotari. Passengers will need to transfer from Rhodes Airport – Rhodes town (NO50) bus operated by DES RODA to Rhodes town – Kiotari bus provided by KTEL RODOU to reach their final destination. Expect a journey lasting approximately 3 hours, inclusive of scheduled stops along the route. Ticket cost at a modest rate of 2.50 and 7.10 euros per person for one-way travel accordingly

Coach Service

For those seeking convenience and affordability, the coach service presents another viable option. Although it may slightly trim down travel time compared to public buses by bypassing Rhodes town, the journey is still estimated to span around 3 hours. While it offers cost-effectiveness, the extended travel duration might not suit everyone’s preferences, especially those prioritizing time efficiency in reaching their destination. It’s worth mentioning that prices for coach services fluctuate between 10 to 25 euros, depending on the chosen agency.

Rental Car

For travelers valuing flexibility and independence, renting a car stands out as the preferred option. Within the airport terminal, numerous reputable car rental companies provide a wide array of options to cater to diverse preferences. The drive from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andriana Kiotari usually takes around 60-65 minutes. Rental prices vary depending on the chosen vehicle type, rental duration, and any additional amenities required, with rates typically commencing at approximately 30 euros per day. However, it’s crucial to recognize that navigating the roads of Rhodes may pose certain challenges, requiring travelers to be prepared for potential complexities while driving.

Private Transfer

For travelers seeking a seamless and luxurious drive from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, a private airport pickup service stands as the epitome of choice. This premium service entails a professional chauffeur awaiting guests upon their arrival, poised to transport them in elegance. With this option, concerns regarding the handling of luggage and navigating unfamiliar routes dissipate, as guests are afforded a comfortable ride in a well-appointed vehicle. Additionally, the inconvenience of parking and ambiguity surrounding taxi fares are alleviated. Priced at approximately 82 euros, this offering represents exceptional value for a stress-free and gratifying travel experience. It is indeed an investment worthy of consideration for those prioritizing comfort and relaxation.

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  1. What are the transportation options available from Rhodes Airport to Princess Adriana resort?

    • Travelers have several options, including taxis, public buses, coach services, renting a car, and private airport pickups.
  2. How long does it take to reach Princess Andriana from Rhodes Airport by public transportation?

    • Public transportation options like buses and coaches typically take approximately 3 hours to reach the resorts due to transfers and scheduled stops.
  3. What are the approximate taxi fares from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andriana resort?

    • Taxi fares can range between 82 to 90 euros, depending on factors like demand and time of day. It’s wiseful to ask the exact price before you enter the cab.
  4. Why might travelers opt for a private airport pickup service?

    • A private airport pickup offers a seamless and indulgent experience with professional drivers, luxurious vehicles, and the convenience of luggage assistance. It ensures a stress-free journey without the hassle of parking or navigating unfamiliar roads.
  5. What is the approximate cost of a private airport pickup from Rhodes Airport to Princess Adriana resort & spa?

    • The cost of a private airport pickup service is around 82 euros, providing excellent value for a comfortable and delightful journey.
  6. Are there any alternatives to taxis or public buses for reaching Princess Adriana from Rhodes Airport?

    • Yes, travelers can also consider private transfers, which marginally reduce travel time compared to public buses, when at the same time it’s cheaper than a taxi.
  7. What are the approximate distances from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andriana?

    • The distance from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andrianna typically spans 59 kilometers.
  8. How much does it cost to rent a car from Rhodes Airport to Princess Andriana Kiotari?

    • Rental prices for cars starting at approximately 30 euros per day provide flexibility in covering the distance to resorts from Rhodes Airport.
  9. Are there any additional costs associated with private airport pickups?

    • Generally, private airport pickup services do not have additional costs per vehicle beyond the initial quoted price, making them a convenient and predictable option for travelers.