Rhodes Airport to
Atlantica Dream Resort

Atlantica Dreams Resort & Spa is situated 64 km from Rhodes airport with the ride to last around 65 minutes by car. Alternatively, individuals can explore other transportation options such as taxis, public buses, coach services or rental cars to reach the resort, albeit with potentially varied costs and travel times.

Transportation Options


Despite its convenience, relying on a taxi ride from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort comes with its drawbacks. Travelers may encounter frustration and inconvenience if taxis are not readily available at the airport’s taxi rank, especially during peak travel times or in unexpected circumstances. Additionally, this option tends to be the most expensive of the three, with fares averaging around 95 euros for the approximately 65-kilometer journey. While a taxi ride offers a direct and efficient mode of transportation, travelers should be prepared for the possibility of delays or difficulties in securing a taxi, making it a less reliable choice compared to other alternatives.

Public Bus

Travelers looking for a budget-friendly option can opt for the public bus. Sadly, there is no direct bus connection between the airport and Gennadi. Therefore, you must change bus at Rhodes town. The airport bus station is conveniently located near the airport terminal, with regular bus services operating throughout the day. While the journey may take significantly longer compared to a taxi ride, it provides an affordable means of transportation. The trip takes typically around 3 hours due to the bus station change and intermediate stops. Travelers can purchase tickets directly from the bus driver or at designated ticket counters, with fares cost 7 euros per person.

Coach Service

Another option for travelers is the coach service. Same as the public buses, while coaches may provide a quite shorter trip, they still involve considerable travel time due to intermediate stops along the route. Travelers opting for this mode of transportation should be prepared for a journey lasting approximately 3 hours, which can be a significant inconvenience for those looking for a quicker transfer. Despite its affordability, the extended travel time may deter travelers seeking a more time-efficient option for reaching their destination.

Rental Car

For those seeking flexibility and independence during their travels, renting a car from Rhodes Airport presents an ideal option. Several reputable car rental companies operate within the airport terminal, offering a wide selection of vehicles to suit various preferences and budgets. The approximately 65-kilometer drive typically takes around 65 minutes, providing ample opportunities to enjoy the scenic routes and attractions along the way. Rental car prices vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, rental duration, and additional amenities, with rates starting from approximately 30 euros per day. Despite the convenience, travelers should note that navigating the roads of Rhodes may pose challenges.

Private Transfer

Travelers seeking efficient and comfortable transportation option from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort & Spa, can opt for a private transfer service. They are greeted by a professional chauffeur upon arrival at the airport, who assists with luggage and ensures a seamless transition to a luxurious vehicle. Unlike taxis or rental cars, chauffeur-driven services offer a higher level of comfort and personalized attention throughout the journey. Additionally, this option of transportation eliminates the need for travelers to navigate unfamiliar routes or worry about parking, allowing them to relax and enjoy the scenic views along the way. With an estimated cost of approximately 90 euros and 65 minutes total driving time, you can feel confident that is the most value for money option.

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  1. How far is Atlantica Dreams Resort from Rhodes Airport?
    • Atlantica Dreams Resort is approximately 64 kilometers away from Rhodes Airport.
  2. What transportation options are available for transfer from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • Travelers can choose from various transportation options including taxis, private shuttles, rental cars, or public buses.
  3. How long does it take to travel from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • The travel time from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort varies depending on the way of transportation. On average, it takes approximately 70 minutes by car or 3 hours by bus.
  4. Are there any direct shuttle services available from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • Yes, some shuttle companies offer direct transfers from Rhodes Airport for added convenience. Be aware of the intermediate stops though as Atlantica Dreams Resort is one of the last stops.
  5. Can I pre-book a transfer from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • Yes, it is possible to pre-book transfers through various transportation providers or travel agencies to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.
  6. How much does a taxi or shuttle service cost from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • Taxi fares typically range from 95 euros. Shuttle service prices may vary depending on the provider and the number of passengers.
  7. Are there any discounts or package deals available for transfer services to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • Some transportation providers or travel agencies may offer discounts or package deals for transfers to Atlantica Dreams Resort. Especially for group bookings, advance reservations, or booking return transfer.
  8. Is there a public bus service available from Rhodes Airport to Atlantica Dreams Resort?

    • There is a public bus service operating from Rhodes town to various destinations on the island, including Gennadi, not from Rhodes airport though. Travelers can check the bus schedule and route details for more information.